Bradley Cooper Was Held At Knifepoint In NYC Subway Station

Bradley Cooper opens up about a mortifying experience of being held at knifepoint in New York City.

Cooper sits down with the Armchair Expert podcast hosted by Dax Shepard to promote his new film, Nightmare Alley. Between talks of his breakout role and being voted Sexiest Man Alive, Cooper also narrates a rather harrowing incident.

In 2019, Cooper was on his way to pick up his daughter Lea from school. With headphones on, he walked to the end of the subway platform, which was his usual mode of commute.

There he found that someone was following him. At first, he thought it was simply a fan who wanted a photo with him. Less than a moment later, he realized he was being held at knifepoint with a three-inch blade.

Bradley Cooper Was Held At Knifepoint In NYC Subway Station
Bradley Cooper

It was pretty insane. I realized I had gotten way, way too comfortable in the city. My guard was down […] I looked down and I see a knife. I have my headphones on the whole time. I can’t hear anything. I’m just listening to music. So it’s scored, the whole thing was scored. I look up, I see the person’s eyes, and I’m taken by how young they are.

Bradley Cooper

He used his elbow to shield his face and then began running — jumping over the turnstile and all. After gaining some upper hand, Cooper took photos of the assailant and tried to chase him down.

Once out of the subway station, Cooper handed over the pictures to a few cops in a SUV.

The officers kept asking Cooper to check if he was hurt, as sometimes, individuals who get stabbed and are racing on adrenaline can go into shock and not feel the pain right away. Thankfully Cooper was unharmed.

Having two years to deal with it, Cooper now jokes about how his headphones had been on the whole time, playing a music score to the incident.

Bradley Cooper Was Held At Knifepoint In NYC Subway Station
Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born

It is unknown if the assailant approached Cooper knowing who he was, or it was a random target, as Cooper happened to be standing at the lonely end of the platform.

Cooper also did not reveal if the assailant was ever caught.

I’m just relieved that no one was hurt during the process, and Cooper was able to pick up his daughter safely.

Source: Armchain Expert

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