Brace Yourself for a Fortnite and Rocket League Crossover

Rocket League is finally free to play on the Epic Games Store. It is the kind of game one could never get tired of. From a wide array of astonishing cars going against one another to physics-based soccer, Rocket League offers it all.

Sports enthusiasts can score goals. Action lovers can destroy foes’ vehicles. It has something for everyone!

Rocket League Llama-Rama Event Trailer

It’s a game that no one should miss out on and now with this Psyonix developed game being free, what’s your excuse?

Today, that is September 23, Rocket League officially enters Epic Store.  To commemorate this, Epic and Psyonix have joined hands to deliver a Fortnite and Rocket League Crossover event called Llama-Rama.

This crossover event will commence on September 26.

In Llama-Rama, players will have to finish five Rocket League challenges to unseal numerous prizes in both Rocket League and Fortnite.

Brace Yourself for a Fortnite and Rocket League Crossover
Rocket League x Fortnite

Here is a list of rewards that players can unlock:

 Challenge 1: Llamas, Start Your Engines

  • Rocket League challenge: Play an online match in any playlist
  • Rocket League reward: Llama flyer antenna 
  • Fortnite reward: Rocket League spray 

Challenge 2: Flagged For Victory

  • Rocket League challenge: Win two online matches in casual with the llama antenna
  • Rocket League reward: Top llama topper
  • Fortnite reward: Holodata drop contrail

Challenge 3: Top of the World

  • Rocket League challenge: Get five goals, saves, or assists with the llama topper
  • Rocket League reward: Loot llama octane decal
  • Fortnite Reward: Rocket Groove music track

Challenge 4: An Epic Endeavor

  • Rocket League challenge: Win five online matches in any playlist with the llama decal (octane)
  • Rocket League reward: Llama wheels
  • Fortnite reward: Rocket League emoticon

Challenge 5: Llama Legend

  • Rocket League challenge: Get MVP in any online match with the llama wheels
  • Rocket League reward: Battle bus + battle balloon antenna, battle bus wheels, and battle bus engine audio
  • Fortnite reward: Octane RL backbling + style variant

If this doesn’t tempt you to play Rocket League then wait there’s more to persuade you.

Popular American musician, DJ Slushii will perform an in-game Fortnite concert at the Party Royale Main Stage to start the Llama-Rama event.

DJ Slushii is a sensation amongst Rocket League fans because of his in-game track that is titled as ‘LUV U NEED U’.

Brace Yourself for a Fortnite and Rocket League Crossover
Rocket League x Fortnite

Note: All those who own the Steam copy of Rocket League need not panic. Psyonix clarified that the Steam version will receive “full support for future updates and features.”

Starting on September 26, this crossover event will come to a halt on October 12.

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About Rocket League

Rocket League is a soccer game where players utilize lightning-fast, “rocket-powered” cars to score goals and win the match for their team. Owing to its fast-paced gameplay and uncomplicated controls, soccer fans or not, its a delight for every gamer out there.

Even though, the game revolves around cars, a great level of soccer detail is added which makes Rocket League captivating to enthusiasts. A wide array of cars and movements are also offered. The cherry on top is that the cars are customizable. Thus, as per one’s inclination, personal touch can be added to the game.

This sports arcade game also provides a cross-platform multiplayer experience so that consoles and PC gamers can unite and play together. This makes Rocket League a highly addicting game further justifying the positive feedback received by it throughout the world.

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