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Birdie Wing Reveals Character Trailers for Dual MCs before April Debut

If I dare you to name a sport that doesn’t have an anime on it, your options would be surprisingly small. Golf was also a member of the no-anime committee until the Birdie Wing anime was announced.

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With dual protagonists and healthy rivalry, the series is set to give us a wholesome watch. The concept and character design is tempting me to give it a watch despite the genre not being on my top watch list.

The Birdie Wing -Golf Girls’ Story- anime will be released in April 2022. It is an original anime by Bandai Namco, and all eyes are on it due to its unexpected characters.

Two character trailers have been released for the anime.

TVアニメ『BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls’ Story-』PV第2弾 イヴ 編|2022. 4. START!
TV Anime “BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls’ Story-” PV 2nd Eve | 2022. 4. START!

The first trailer shows Eve, who makes a living by betting on golf. Her trajectory and personality are very straightforward, and she defeats all opponents with her signature shot, Rainbow Bullet Eve.

TVアニメ『BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls’ Story-』PV第3弾 天鷲 葵 編|2022. 4. START!
TV Anime “BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls’ Story-” PV 3rd Aoi Tenwa | 2022. 4. START!

The second trailer shows Aoi Amawashi, the daughter of the world’s largest corporation’s owner. The PV shows her “innocent tyrant” personality since she has the purest smile while grinding her opponents to dust.

A new visual has also been revealed for the anime, which showcases all the main characters in one go.

Birdie Wing Reveals Character Trailers for Dual MCs before April Debut
Birdie Wing | Source: Official Website

Birdie Wing’s dual protagonists have opposite personalities and upbringings. Thus, a clash between them is inevitable. The question is, will they be able to cooperate for the sake of golf?

About Birdie Wing – Golf Girls’ Story

Birdie Wing – Golf Girls’ Story is an original golf anime by Bandai Namco Pictures. The anime debuted in April 2022.

The plot of the series revolves around Eve and Aoi, two women who play golf but are from completely different backgrounds. Their playstyle and personalities are in stark contrast with each other, but what brings them together is their love for golf.

Source: Official Website

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