Billions S7 E1: The Return of the King and the Rise of the Tyrant

Billions is a show that explores the American dream of achieving success and power in the political and financial spheres. The main protagonists, Chuck Rhoades Jr. and Bobby Axelrod, represent two different approaches to this dream: one as a U.S. Attorney who upholds the law, and the other as a hedge fund manager who bends the rules.

For five seasons, the show talked about the conflict and rivalry between them, as they used their skills and influence to further their careers and undermine each other, until Season 6.

In season 6, a new character, Michael Thomas Prince, a billionaire philanthropist challenges Axelrod’s position, while Axelrod leaves the show at the end of Season 5.

Season 6 introduces a new dynamic as Prince and Rhoades, former allies against Axelrod, become adversaries. Prince is a different kind of villain in the show. He is a dubious philanthropist who causes troubles for Rhoades, the city, and the staff of Axelrod’s hedge fund, which he has acquired.

The major complication that sets the stage for Season 7 is that Michael Thomas Aquinas Prince is running for President.

1. Mike Prince to Run for President

The episode begins with a flash-forward scene where Mike Prince storms into his office and throws a printer at Wendy Rhoades, who has apparently done something to sabotage his presidential campaign.

The scene then shifts to five months earlier, where Prince reveals to Wendy that he is running for president in 2024 and asks for her help to become a better leader. Wendy soon realizes that Prince has a dictatorial personality and a dangerous agenda, and she decides to look for a way to contact Bobby Axelrod, the only person who can stop him.

Billions Season 7 Episode 1 Ending Explained: Axe is Back!
Mike Prince Runs for President Source: | Source: IMDb

Back in New York, Taylor Mason and Phillip Oliver are struggling to keep Axe Capital afloat under Prince’s leadership. They discover that Prince is planning to use the company’s funds to finance his presidential campaign and his philanthropic projects, which are actually cover-ups for his shady schemes.

They also realize that Prince is grooming them to be his successors at Axe Capital, but they have no intention of following his footsteps. They decide to reach out to Bobby and ask him to come back and take down Prince.

2. Bobby Axelrod Returns for More Action

Bobby Axelrod resurfaces in Ukraine, where he is involved in a covert trading operation that exploits the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. He defies the legal restrictions imposed by the US government and uses his connections and skills to make huge profits from the crisis.

Billions Season 7 Episode 1 Ending Explained: Axe is Back!
Bobby Axelrod | Source: IMDb

He also reconnects with his old friend Wags, who has been working with him in Ukraine. Wags convinces Bobby to return to New York and reclaim his position at Axe Capital, which is now owned by Prince.

3. Chuck Rhoades’ Plan

Meanwhile, Chuck Rhoades is in jail after being arrested for using a fake warrant to obtain evidence against Prince. He makes a deal with Dave to work together to bring down Prince, but he feels frustrated by Dave’s slow and cautious approach.

Chuck decides to take matters into his own hands and initiates a risky plan that involves leaking information to the press and blackmailing a judge. However, his plan backfires when he loses the support of his only ally, Kate Sacker, who is disgusted by his unethical actions.

4. Billions Season 7 Episode 1 Ending Explained

The episode ends with Bobby arriving at New York and meeting with Taylor, Phillip, and Wendy at a secret location. They form an alliance against Prince and vow to stop him from becoming the president.

Bobby also reveals that he has a secret weapon that can expose Prince’s illegal activities: a whistleblower who used to work for Prince and has evidence of his crimes. The whistleblower is none other than Ari Spyros, who has switched sides once again.

The ending signifies that Bobby Axelrod is back; he had engaged in trading in the Ukraine-Russia conflict while legally required to stay out of the country. But now he is finally invited by Wendy, Wags, and Taylor to return from exile and join the war.

Billions Season 7 Episode 1 Ending Explained: Axe is Back!
Bobby Axelrod Returns | Source: IMDb

It is perhaps appropriate that all the chess pieces are starting to fall into place. Taylor and Philip had even managed to bring back “Dollar Bill” to the company to show Prince that Prince Capital is operating smoothly and making money, while in reality, forces are working against him from within and are now led by the devil he doesn’t know.

Unknown to all of them, Chuck Rhoades has also freed himself from his constraints, and while he is unaware of Axelrod’s return, his focus is on Prince for now, to the point that he might collaborate with Axelrod if necessary (as they did before in Season 5).

But it seems that the billionaire will face a war on two different fronts, and perhaps because this is the final season, the stakes are high.

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5. About Billions

Billions is an American drama created by Brian Koppelman, David Levien, and Andrew Ross Sorkin. The series is set in financial centres based in America.

The series follows hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis), as he accumulates wealth and power in the world of high finance. The series premiered on Showtime on January 17, 2016.


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