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Billions Season 5 Episode 8 DELAYED, Mid-Season Break!

A Sunday came and went by without a Billions episode airing even though we are still mid-season. That’s the sad reality the pandemic has brought us.

It’s true y’all, there will be no more Sunday screenings of the eternal battle of Axe and Mike for a long time now. If you missed the episode 7 screening on June 14, no worries, because you have a long time to make up for the time lost. There will be no new episodes of season 5 airing, at least not until the end of this year.

After the COVID-19 led worldwide shut down hit the production of multiple entertainment industries around the world, Billions wasn’t an exception. It was in between the filming of its fifth season at the time.

Billions Trailer

Now, the creators have decided to wait for the lockdown to end so they can continue the story appropriately. (Unlike some who have gone ahead with some daredevilry of using animation to complete seasons. Remember NBC’s The Blacklist?)

That means there is a long wait ahead for fans of Billions. Maybe early 2021 or even later? Who knows when corona will finally exit our lives!

Taking a COVID break

It’s break time for Billions creators as well as fans. After a mid-season finale in episode 7, the show is officially on an indefinite break.

The day the midseason finale premiered, showrunner Brian Koppelman tweeted,“Tonight is the midseason finale of @SHO_Billions. David Costabile, who plays Wags, directed and did terrific work. We all can’t wait to get back to work and finish the season when it’s safe. Hope you dig the show tonight.”

Dig? It will not be an exaggeration if we said fans have burrowed into the seven episodes of season five. In fact, going by the rave reviews of this season from fans, they can’t wait to find out what happens to the legendary rivalry of Mike and Axe in the Season 5 episode 7.

If you don’t believe me, you’ll believe in math at least? Season 5 averaged 609,000 LIVE viewers per episode and a 0.11 ratings score for the 18-49 year old demographics. The mid-season finale, which was episode 7, brought in 660,000 LIVE viewers and a 0.12 ratings score.

Episode 7 has definitely left us all on a high note. We sincerely hope the makers return before we’re dry and exhausted with this lockdown.

When will episode 8 come out?

At least five episodes are still remaining in this season. We are expecting the filming to start by the end of this year or early next year. So the next set is expected by mid-2021 unless the delays are further increased.

Episode 7 synopsis

So what is all the fuss about? In the mid-season finale, there is the crazy rivalry of Axe and Chuck, a mind-bending drug that opens up “limitless shi*” giving the episode its title, ethics of illegal organ purchase from the poor and desperate, and even mentions of the coronavirus.

Billions | Source: Showtime

Here is a brief synopsis of the last Billions episode that aired on June 14.

Axe is battling many battles at once. Apart from planning to wage major wars against his adversaries, he’s also ensuring Wendy’s loyalty toward him. For starters, he wants her to know that nobody is free from compromised morals, even the seemingly moralistic artists she seems to have taken to.

Axe’s close aides have been taken down by his enemy Chuck and he’s now desperate. So he turns to a crazy mind-enhancing drug that is supposed to open up “limitless shi*” so that he can be focused in bring down his enemies.

But the drug is obviously illegal and not FDA approved. Shi* actually hits the fan instead and Axe is on the verge of losing billions of dollars except he has some loyal friends to rescue him.

In exchange, Axe also has some favours to return to these friends, that includes Taylor who is facing an urgent crisis with her tin business.

On the other hand, Chuck is battling his conscience. He is faced with an ill father who is in urgent need of a healthy kidney except the five-year wait for receiving one legally is going to be a death sentence for the old man.

Billions – Chuck, Axe & Taylor Mason

There is no way to move his dad up the donor list, so Chuck’s options are fast limiting themselves to illegally harvesting the kidney of a child from El Salvador who is currently in federal custody for a price of $38,000.

Will Axe take Prince down? Will he and Wendy finally get together? And, will Senior survive? Many unanswered questions!

Where to watch Billions?

As you wait for the other half of season 5, we would recommend a quick run through of the past seasons given the eternally complicated nature of the show. (Special kudos to its writers Brian Koppelman, David Levien and Andrew Ross Sorkin.)

The show is currently streaming on the Showtime app and Hotstar.

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