Billions S6 E7: Will Wendy and Chuck get back together?

Pop the champagne, Prince finally wins his Olympic bid! Which, of course, means that Chuck is extremely pissed about the situation. He left no stone unturned trying to ensure Prince doesn’t get the Olympics to New York, but failed.

Now in the middle of S6 E7, when Chuck still has some hope about defeating Prince, he shares a few endearing moments with Wendy, relighting those romantic sparks. Is it possible for Chuck and Wendy to mend their relationship?

No, Chuck and Wendy won’t be getting together. Billions S6 E7 teased the possibility of Chuck and Wendy rekindling their relationship. Unfortunately, when Prince wins New York its 2028 Olympic bid, a disgruntled Chuck further alienates Wendy.

I’m of the firm opinion that Chuck and Wendy are never going to end up together. What this episode does is shows us exactly why they won’t work out. Let’s break it down:

Chuck’s “Mission” Keeps Him from Being with Wendy

I will start by saying that both Chuck and Wendy have done awful things to each other in the past and their divorce was the best decision they could make.

Since they have been drifting further apart over the years, it was actually quite surprising to see their dynamics in S6 E7, where the show almost teased them getting back together. (Or at least, the very first step in that direction).

Billions S6 Ep 7: Will Wendy and Chuck get back together?
Wendy & Chuck

Wendy and Chuck both show up for their kids’ elite school fundraiser (surprising each other by being decent parents) and they each take turns to defend the other from another parent’s snarky comments.

It’s endearing and almost cute, making you wonder where is this going? At the same fundraiser, Chuck wins a dinner cooked by a master chef and offers the prize to Wendy.

But she confirms that like him, she isn’t seeing anyone at the moment and suggests having that dinner together at Chuck’s place. You can’t help but raise an eyebrow going “Oh.”

What could’ve been a chance of rekindling his relationship with Wendy, collapses almost immediately when Chuck returns his focus to Prince and the fact that he finally won the Olympic bid.

To say this leaves a sour note in Chuck’s mouth is an understatement. When Wendy tries to explain that this is not just Prince’s win… it’s New York’s win, America’s win, and that Chuck should be happy about it for once, but he simply dismisses it.

This is not a big argument. In fact, their dialogues are calm and poetic. But you can see the change in Wendy’s face when Chuck fails to rise higher than his so claimed billionaire take-down mission. It probably reminded her of why she left him in the first place. 

Billions S6 Ep 7: Will Wendy and Chuck get back together?
Chuck Rhoades

If anything, this episode proves that Chuck and Wendy will never get back together. Not only is Chuck too caught up in his game, Wendy’s ideologies, too, are vastly different and unaccommodating from his.

Co-parenting and cute moments at the kids’ events may work. But nothing beyond that.

In the end, there’s a beautiful table laid out with dishes to kill for and one chef Daniel Boulud waiting to serve his guests. It’s a little awkward when you realize this renowned chef has cooked at Chuck’s house, but neither he, Wendy, or the kids show up. Talk about being disrespectful.

At least the babysitter, the true working class, gets to enjoy the scrumptious spread.

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