Biggest Snubs At Oscars 2022: Movies Actors And Actresses

Like every year, the Academy Awards nominations have stirred the netizens with some surprises and some snubs.

In recent years, there have been some discussions and debates about nominations in prestigious award ceremonies such as Oscars and the BAFTA.

There are mainly three groups of people who are part of these debates. One which talks about the importance of representation and diversity on these platforms.

The second consists of purist cinephiles who want to see more artistic cinema which follows filmmaking conventions. The third group consists of fandoms who want these awards to showcase films they are most connected with, irrespective of art or diversity.

While who is right or wrong in these debates is a conversation of another day, today is about what they discuss – The biggest snubs of movies, actors, and actresses at the Oscars 2022.

Oscars 2022 snubbed some of the most incredible work portrayed in movies like A Hero, The Tragedy of Macbeth, The French Dispatch, and more.

Besides these, it also didn’t recognize the work of stars such as Lady Gaga, Ruth Nega, and Bradley Cooper.

I’ve covered some of the most prominent categories and mentioned the various films, writers, actors, and actresses that weren’t given their due credit. Let’s dive into the complete list.

1. Best Picture: ‘Don’t Look Up’ Doesn’t Deserve the Oscar

Biggest Snubs at Oscars 2022: Movies Actors and Actresses
Don’t Look Up

There are so many films that were bounds and leaps farther from ‘Don’t Look Up’ in terms of every single aspect. Here are a few movies that could’ve been nominated instead of the film:

  • A Hero
  • Tick Tick Boom…
  • The Last Duel
  • C’mmon C’mmon
  • The Tragedy of Macbeth

‘Don’t Look Up’ had an incredible premise and can be considered the most relevant film to current times.

However, the film felt pretty stretched for no reason and, as a result, couldn’t keep you hooked. Furthermore, you knew exactly how things would pan out and the predictability added to the boredom.

These films had much more nuanced writing a more crisp screenplay, and even if you knew what was coming next, you wanted to see how they depicted the event.

While choosing one among these five would be pretty tricky, their nomination would still be deserving, unlike ‘Don’t Look Up.’

2. Best Original Screenplay: ‘Being the Ricardos’ by Aaron Sorkin

Once again, ‘Don’t Look Up’ made the cut, but the master of screenwriting Aaron Sorkin was snubbed. ‘Being the Ricardos’ as an entire film wasn’t Sorkin’s best work.

Biggest Snubs at Oscars 2022: Movies Actors and Actresses
Being the Ricardos

In fact, his directing was a little noteworthy when compared to films like ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’.

However, the screenplay is a beautiful piece of work. When you read the film’s script, you’ll see that the detailing in every scene is just perfect; not too much to overwhelm you and not too little to make you feel detached from the film.

Moreover, between Adam McKay and Aaron Sorkin, the latter’s writing is far more superior. So having his work on the list is a no-brainer.

3. Best Adapted Screenplay: ‘Passing’ by Rebecca Hall

‘Passing’ is yet another beautiful film that didn’t get much recognition this year. While all the movies on the list are pretty good, I think ‘Passing’ was a much better film than ‘The Lost Daughter’ in almost every aspect, including the screenplay.

Biggest Snubs at Oscars 2022: Movies Actors and Actresses

The movie is about a black woman in the 1920s who passes as white and is based on the novella of the same name.

Rebecca Hall, who wrote and directed the film, shot it in black and white as a symbolic representation of the various issues depicted in the movie.

Every scene left a lasting impact, and you couldn’t help but immerse yourself in the world that was unfolding before you.

Watching ‘The Lost Daughter’ was an intriguing experience because of Olivia Colman, whose skills are unparalleled.

However, the narrative’s flow seemed a little choppy, and a few scenes felt out of place. So when you compare the two films, you’ll see that ‘Passing’ should’ve been nominated.

4. Best Cinematography: ‘The French Dispatch’ by Robert Yeoman

You know a Wes Anderson film the moment you see the first frame. His movies are known for stylish cinematography complemented with intricate frames and pastel colors. Due to this, he’s also garnered an ardent fan following.

Biggest Snubs at Oscars 2022: Movies Actors and Actresses
The French Dispatch

His latest outing, ‘The French Dispatch,’ is a piece that doesn’t fail to impress. The cinematographer on the movie, Robert Yeoman, has brought out the classic Andersonian style through the detailing in every scene, the colors used, and more.

In fact, the film’s technical part is so strong and evident that movie aficionados have dissected the cinematography process.

Robert Yeoman had received a nomination for ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ but lost to Emmanuel Lubezki, who worked on Gravity, and that might be fair. However, this time not being nominated at all is pretty sad.

5. Best Actor: Nicolas Cage for ‘Pig’

Time and again, some actors remind us how they’ve been in the industry for so long and managed to create a name for themselves.

Biggest Snubs at Oscars 2022: Movies Actors and Actresses
Nicolas Cage in Pig

Nicolas Cage is definitely one of them. In his latest movie, the actor is playing a truffle hunter who goes in search of his stolen pig.

Unlike what you’d expect, the movie is quite profound, and Nicolas Cage depicts the concepts such as loss, solitude, longing, and more so effortlessly.

He dominates the screen without saying much, and the sheer range of emotions he displays is par excellence. The actor deserved a nomination, if not a win.

6. Best Actress: Lady Gaga for ‘House of Gucci’

Biggest Snubs at Oscars 2022: Movies Actors and Actresses
Lady Gaga In ‘House of Gucci’

House of Gucci as a film wasn’t too impressive, but the only person that shined in this glamorous outing of Ridley Scott was Lady Gaga.

Her screen presence and character work are pretty solid. In fact, people were hailing it as her career-best performance, and she sure did deserve a nomination.

7. Best Supporting Actor: Bradley Cooper for ‘Licorice Pizza’

Bradley Cooper this year worked with ‘Licorice Pizza’ and ‘Nightmare Alley.’ His work in both the movies was excellent, but what caught my eyes was the way he played Jon Peters in ‘Licorice Pizza.’

Biggest Snubs at Oscars 2022: Movies Actors and Actresses
Bradley Cooper

His portrayal was comedic yet terrifying, and the scenes where he bursts out with rage were simply epic.

The only problem was that the screen time Bradley Cooper received was less. Perhaps that’s why he didn’t get nominated. But the fact remains that even with limited screen time, he left an impact on the audience, and I guess that’s what should count.

8. Best Supporting Actress: Ruth Negga for ‘Passing’

Biggest Snubs at Oscars 2022: Movies Actors and Actresses
Ruth Negga

Ruth Negga’s role as a black woman passing for white had struck a chord with the audience. The actor dug deep into the character, the nuances of being in-between, and managed to give us a cultural context of the 1920s.

It was one such performance that left you with a lot of questions and helped you gain perspective. To accomplish that feat is not always possible, and when it is achieved, it sure needs to be recognized.

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