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Season 7 of Beyblade Burst Anime Set for a Spring 2023 Release

Beyblade has been a crucial part of many people’s childhood, and the fact that the series is still going on makes it better. The franchise’s latest anime series, Beyblade Burst, is as good as possible.

The series follows a new protagonist, Valt Aoi, who quickly rises to the top and becomes a legend of legends in the Beyblade world. After six seasons of non-stop thrill, the series is getting renewed for another.

Hasbro has confirmed that Beyblade Burst will get a seventh season, Beyblade Burst QuadStrike, in spring 2023. The announcement was accompanied by a teaser trailer featuring some new characters.


The trailer begins with introducing Quadra, who wields an elemental bey called Lightning Pandora. Quadra seems very proud and confident in her skills as she states that ‘by the count I to four, the battle will be over.’

As the theme song starts playing, Quadra is shown going up against the Dark Prince, Bel Daizora. Although she’s competing against Bel, it still needs to be clarified if Quadra is a friend or a foe.

The trailer then shows more bey battles and gives us a glimpse of Valt, who now seems to have progressed even more than before.

Season 7 of Beyblade Burst Anime to have a Spring 2023 Release
Quadra | Source: Fandom

If you have noticed, this season seems more serious and darker than the initial ones. There’s Bel as the big bad antagonist, but there’s something fishy about Quadra as well.

Quadra hasn’t made her intentions clear yet or where she stands. She’s clearly against Bel, but we need to find out if she has the same feelings toward Valt.

Moreover, the trailer shows some mysterious ruins, and the plot states that Quadra’s brother is studying the elemental powers radiating from them. The story may focus more on the ruins and what they are, but not before some exhilarating battles.

Missing the old Beyblade series is common for people who grew up with the anime, but the new ones aren’t so bad.

I sense great potential in Beyblade Burst, and if you’re a fan, do try this one.

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About Beyblade Burst

Beyblade Burst is a manga and toyline created by Hiro Morita, originally based on Takara Tomy’s Beyblade franchise. The third incarnation of the franchise after the Metal Fight series, the Beyblade Burst launched in August 2015.

The story follows a new protagonist Valt Aoi and his Bey partner Valtryek. Valt gets inspired by his close friend, Shu Kurenai, a Beyblade genius and goes on to compete in the National Tournament to be at the top.

Source: Official YouTube Channel

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