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BEM: Become Human Anime Film: Debut Date, Trailer and Visual

The world has become a place where yokai (half-animal half-humans) and humans live together. However, the relation between the two species is not as peaceful as new trouble sprouts every other day.

BEM: Become Human is an anime film adaptation of the Humanoid Monster Bem anime, which was released in 1968.

New developments take place in the Libra metropolis, where the worst of humanity can be seen.

The official website of BEM: Become Human anime film has released a new trailer for the upcoming movie. The film will be released on 2nd October.

Humanoid Monster Bem Trailer

The trailer shows some impressive action sequences of the yokai. Belo and Bela are at first featured in a state of worry as they fight the monsters.

Belm’s wife is terrified when she learns of his secret identity. What exactly is going on under the mask of Draco Chemicals?

A new visual for the upcoming movie has also been released. The visual shows Bem/Belm carrying Sonia in his arms, flanked by Bela and Belo.

BEM: Become Human Anime Film: Debut Date

Some of the other characters present are Lorenzo Draco and Greta Reed, officials from the Draco Chemicals, and Burgess Olsen, a colleague of Belm.

Burgess Olsen is being played by Toshiya Miyata, a member of the boy band, Kis-My-Ft2. This will be Miyata’s debut as a voice actor.

The opening song of the film, “Unforever,” is performed by Rib. Hiroshi Ikehata is directing the movie under the Production I.G. studio.

Plot Of BEM: Become Human

The story of the film takes place two years after the Libra incident that was featured in the Humanoid Monster series.

Bem is missing, and Detective Sonia meets a man named Belm, who looks a lot like Bem. After Belm comes in contact with Sonia, he is tortured every day by nightmares.

His ordinary life with a wife and children and his peaceful interactions with his neighbors and colleagues are about to collapse as he starts questioning his identity.

About Humanoid Monster Bem

Humanoid Monster Bem is a 26 episode Japanese anime television series, which first aired on Fuji T.V. between October 7, 1968, and March 31, 1969.

For the series’ 50th anniversary, a third anime television series adaptation titled BEM was confirmed to be in production and aired in 2019. Bem: Become Human is the anime sequel film of the series.

Three yokai named Bem, Belo, and Bela live in the city of Libra, where the human sense of discrimination can be seen outright.

The three decide to protect humans from the mischief caused by various yokai and monsters.

Source: Official Website of the BEM: Become Human

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