Bella Ramsey Talks about The Last of Us S2 in Happy Sad Confused Podcast

HBO has recently renewed The Last of us for a second season, and star Bella Ramsey was quick to share her fears and hopes for the upcoming season.

Starring herself and Pedro Pascal, the cinematic adaptation of the video game received widespread praise for its brilliant cinematography while being faithful to the canon game.

HBO renewed the show for a second season just before the release of episode 3. Season 2 is expected to adopt the events of the second video game, The Last of Us Part II.

Ramsey recently appeared on the Happy Sad Confused podcast hosted by Josh Horowitz shortly after the show’s renewal. Listen to the full podcast here:

Bella Ramsey talks THE LAST OF US (SPOILERS!), season 2, & more! Happy Sad Confused
Bella Ramsey talks THE LAST OF US (SPOILERS!), season 2, & more! Happy Sad Confused

While discussing the show’s future, Bella Ramsey shares what intimidates and excites her the most about the prospect of season 2. Here’s what she has to say:

I’m really excited to be honest for the Ellie Dina story. I’ve watched a cut together, someone’s made a phenomenal – I don’t know how they do it – like an amazing edit of just like the gameplay, like Ellie and Dina’s love story. So I’m excited to play that out. And also the complexity of her relationship with Joel and how that gets decidedly more complex, and I’m looking forward to that. And the violence that ensues is thrilling in a way, to get to maybe explore that in a really safe environment. It will be cool. But I am nervous about it too. Like I’m nervous about, because I know what happens in the second game and I’m nervous about being potentially without Pedro for a while. It’s gonna be really sad.

Bella Ramsey
Bella Ramsey Talks about The Last of Us S2 in Happy Sad Confused Podcast
Joel and Ellie

The major takeaway from the interview is that the show will be more Ellie-centric in season 2. Ellie says she will be “potentially without Pedro for a while.”

Major events transpire in season 2 which will force Ellie to fend for herself. She will not have Pedro’s umbrella to shield her.

Bella also mentions how Ellie’s relationship with Joel will become complicated, resulting in violent encounters and complex character arcs.

In those dire moments, a new character, Dina, will step up to help little Ellie fight her way out of trouble. Ellie mentions that she is excited to see her complex dynamic with Dina play out on screen.

Dina will be the most anticipated character in the show’s second season, along with Abby.

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is widely regarded as one of the best games ever produced, and HBO has done an incredible job adapting it for the small screen.

On the other hand, The Last of Us II has made many controversial decisions in its storyline. This makes us wonder whether HBO will follow the game word-by-word like season 1 or carve out its own way.

Like Bella Ramsey, fans are anticipating the rest of The Last of Us season 1 and its successor with both anticipation and excitement.

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About The Last Of Us

The Last of Us is an HBO TV series adaptation of the award-winning video game of the same name originally developed by Naughty Dog.

It is set in 2033, as a fungal infestation plagues humans, turning them feral and blind before finally finishing them off. The series follows Joel’s journey to escort an immune 14-year-old Ellie to the Fireflies, who hope to study her to procure a vaccine.

The cast comprises Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, both famed for their roles in Games of Thrones, along with Gabriel Luna, Merle Dandridge, and Nico Parker. The show was renewed for season 2.

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