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Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting, New Anime Trailer Teases July Premiere!

Imagine you are walking down a street. You meet with a stranger, who suddenly asks you to take part in a battle. It sounds pretty crazy, but this is what happens in the upcoming anime “Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting”.

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Based on the shonen manga of the same name by Saizo Harawata, the story focuses on a high school student named Kei Shirayanagi.

After his encounter with a mysterious girl named Mion, he discovers that she possesses psychic abilities. Mion suggests that she should mentor Kei to make him stronger for upcoming battles.

The official website of “Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting” teased a new visual and announced that the anime is all set to premiere on July 12.

The visual contains the logo of the series. All the main characters of the anime, Kei, Yumi, Mion, Madoka, Ringo, and Yan, are depicted in the visual.

A trailer of “Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting” has also been released on YouTube.

Official Trailer of Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting

Almost 52 seconds long, the trailer is in Japanese. English subtitles will be available soon. The trailer shows Kei, who needs to get ready after a battle precisely in 5 seconds.

A countdown timer keeps on flashing, indicating that time is running out. The heavy dramatic music in the background adds to the tension.

SynergySP, in collaboration with Vega Entertainment, is producing the anime. So far, the following cast and crew have been confirmed by the production house:

Kei ShiroyanagiAyumu MuraseHinata Shoyo (Haikyuu)
Yumi AmagakeAimiSherry (Plastic Memories)
MionMayumi ShintaniCindy Klein (Earth Maiden Arjuna)
Madoka KirisakiKazuya NakaiRoronoa Zoro (One Piece)
Shin KumagiriYuichi NakamuraTsukasa (Dr. Stone)
Ringo TataraMiyuri ShimabukuroSally Simpson (Listeners)
YanAkari KitoSuzune Horikita (Classroom of the Elite)
DirectorMeigo NaitoGundam Build Divers
Script WriterTouko Machida7 Seeds

The highly experienced cast and crew promise to bring top-notch production quality and voice acting. Music will play a significant role in the anime, and considering the trailer, it sounds fantastic!

The following broadcasting details were also revealed on the official website:

Tokyo MXMonday12-12:30 AM
BS11Monday12-12:30 AM

Streaming details for the international audience will be announced soon.

Will Kei be able to master his abilities? Will he able to shine in the pressurizing situation? Fans need to tune in on July 12 to find out!

About Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting

Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting is a superpower manga by Saizo Harawata and Miyakokasiwa. It was launched on the Ura Sunday webcomic service in 2015.

Akira Shiroyanagi, a highschool boy, suddenly gets involved in a battle with a mysterious girl named Mion. After going through experiments in a suspicious facility, he gains superpowers.

However, what is the result of the experiment? What happens to the ones who lose in battles?

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