Bandai Namco Gamescom 2020 Recap: Awesome New Games!

Bandai Namco is a Japan-based video game developer and publisher. It also has branches like Bandai Namco US and Europe.

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Not only is the company credited for producing games like Pacman, Tekken, and Gundam, it also has the rights to popular franchises like Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Naruto.

Bandai Namco Gamescom is an annual event in which some of the best video games of the year are selected.

Bandai Namco Gamescom 2020 was streamed online from 27th to 30th August, and we are here to give you a recap of the events!

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, JUMP FORCE & Project CARS 3 are the three new game releases that were celebrated by fans.

  • Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC Digital
Bandai Namco Gamescom 2020 Recap
Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions | Source: Bandai Namco

The gameplay is inspired by the Captain Tsubasa manga by Yoichi Takahashi. It is a football game with online 2vs2 as well as group multiplayer sequences.

  • Project Cars 3: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC Digital

Players begin their ultimate driving journey on this one of a kind racing game.

The best-seller game has returned with further upgrades including a Career mode and new exotic locations.

Project CARS 3 - Launch Trailer - PS4 / Xbox1 / PC
Project CARS 3- Launch Trailer
  • Jump Force Deluxe Edition: Nintendo Switch

Some of the most famous manga/anime characters like Goku, Naruto, Luffy, and more are available in this game.

Players can create their personalized figures, and new exclusive features for Nintendo Switch have been added.

JUMP FORCE - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch
JUMP FORCE- Launch Trailer

Some of the other games which received special attention during the Gamescom were:

  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown: Xbox One, PS4, and PC

The game delivers an air combat experience with crazy accurate visuals. It will be released in Fall 2020.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown - 25th Anniversary Interview & Gameplay - PS4/XB1/PC
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown
  • The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope: Xbox One, PS4 and PC Digital

It is the second game in the Dark Anthology series. Students and professors have to escape the nightmarish town where they are trapped.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope - Shared Story Mode Gameplay - PS4/XB1/PC
The Dark Pictures: Little Hope
  • Little Nightmares II: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC Digital

It will be released on February 11th, 2021 and won the best Switch game award in Gamescom. The upgraded version will have more traps, spooks, and monsters.

LITTLE NIGHTMARES II – Story Trailer | Gamescom 2020
Little Nightmares II – Story Trailer
  • SCARLET NEXUS: Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC Digital

The OSF is humanity’s last line of defence against the Others who are mutants hungering for human brains. The mysteries behind the city and the creatures need to be discovered by the player.

Scarlet Nexus - Gamescom 2020 Trailer
Scarlet Nexus – Gamescom 2020 Trailer

Some of the Gamescom Award winner games are listed category wise below:

  • Best Action Adventure Game: Watch Dogs Legion by Ubisoft
  • Best Action Game: Star Wars: Squadrons by Electronic Arts
  • Best Indie Game: Curious Expedition 2 by Maschinen-Mensch
  • Best Microsoft Xbox Game: Tell Me Why by Microsoft
  • Best Multiplayer Game: Operation: Tango by Clever Plays
  • Best Nintendo Switch Game: Little Nightmares 2 by Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Best Sony Playstation Game: Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt RED

Source: Bandai Namco Tweet


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