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Experience Immersive Anime as Bandai Namco and HTC Partner for VR Anime!

Bandai Namco’s latest partnership will make sure that anime fans get a realistic watching experience. The combining of anime and Virtual Reality can lead to endless possibilities and an absolute treat for fans!

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Imagine watching an anime in a way that you feel like you are a part of it! The aesthetic anime series and movies can turn into an unforgettable experience.

Experience Immersive Anime as Bandai Namco and HTC Partner for VR Anime!
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VR’s use in entertainment has been restricted to games, but it is about to change.

Bandai Namco Pictures and HTC are partnering to create virtual reality anime! The sentence itself seems lovely, doesn’t it? Who doesn’t want a real-life anime experience?

These VR anime will be created for Viveport, HTC’s VR applications store. New services will be available on Viveport so that every type of player can enjoy immersive animations. Both companies will focus on distributing resources between each other and then producing new animated content.

Bandai Namco has been responsible for creating several original anime like Aikatsu!, Battle Spirits, Tiger & Bunny, and others. Recently, Bandai Namco also produced Gintama: The Final movie.

Joseph Lin, the president of Viveport, has commented, “Through this collaboration, we can bring animation content to a higher level and push the frontiers to unlock the full potential of virtual reality. In the next few months, anime content will be available on Viveport, and more virtual experiences will be delivered to our audience.

Ozaki Masayuki, the president of Bandai Namco Pictures, has also expressed his faith in producing a different genre of anime altogether where immersive experience will be the key. This new experience will help the player transcend physical limitations “as if they were diving directly into the world of our creations from anywhere in the world.

This collaboration will improve not only anime but also business opportunities for Bandai Namco and HTC. Is this the start of a new type of revolution in the world of anime?

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