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Backflip!! Anime Film New Teaser Reveals Soshukan High’s New Challenge

Rhythmic gymnastics has got to be one of the most mesmerizing yet underrated sports ever. It’s a good thing that we have Bakuten!! that uncovers the beauty of this sport for us.

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But the anime is not just all about pretty visuals. It also covers the not-so-aesthetic aspects of the sport, like the hellish training and serious injuries that might occur. 

Fans loved the first season, and it got the hype it deserved, and with such popularity comes the demand of another season. While we couldn’t get a season renewal, we did get a movie.

Bakuten!! (Backflip!!) anime has revealed a new teaser for the series’ upcoming film scheduled for a July 2022 release. The entire cast and staff from the TV series will be returning for the movie.

       \ \\ ⠀ // /

“Movie Backflip !!”

Teaser video release

 / // ⠀ ⠀ \\ \

I will never forget these days.

I love men’s rhythmic gymnastics!


The release will be decided in July 2022!

Stay tuned for more news.


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The teaser previews the boys’ next challenge after clearing the regionals, the Inter-High. They will be Tohoku representatives along with their rival team and school, Shiro High.

There is a change in atmosphere that surrounds the gymnasts of Ao High now.

In the video, we notice how their hard work and efforts have brought about a massive change in their attitude, making them seem more confident than before.

Backflip!! Anime Film New Teaser Reveals Soshukan High's New Challenge
Bakuten!! | Source: Crunchyroll

But there is still this one doubt in everyone’s mind. The series’ last episode showed how Shotaro has a hand injury and won’t practice for a while.

This is worrying because Shotaro is a beginner at the sport, and no practice would be even worse for him and the team at the Inter-High.

Even though we all know that Shotaro being the protagonist, won’t mess up, we can’t help but get worked up over it.

Bakuten!! is a gravely underappreciated anime for many reasons, the primary ones being the story, choreography, and visuals. No wonder we all fell in love with it in the first few episodes.

The movie honestly looks even better, and I like how they’ll continue it from where the series ended. Since I can’t wait for the release, I might just go and re-watch the anime now.

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About Bakuten!!

Bakuten!! is a rhythmic gymnastics anime telling the story of a high school gymnastic team in Miyagi prefecture.
Directed by Toshimasa Kuroyanagi with ZEXCS studios this anime premiered in April of 2021 by Fuji TV under the notaminA block.

The anime is said to be a joint collaboration between Misaki no Mayoiga and Hula Fulla Dance to promote Miyagi, Iwate, and Fukushima prefectures.

The “Zutto Ōen Project 2011 + 10…” is a memorandum to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami 10 years ago.

Source: Bakuten!! Anime Official Twitter

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