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‘Bakuten!!’ Anime Movie Set to Wrap up the Ao Vs. Shiro Rivalry this July

Bakuten!!, an original men’s rhythmic gymnastics anime, had stolen hearts when it first debuted last year. This year, the anime is coming back with a sequel film which will most probably wrap up the Ao and Shiro rivalry once and for all.

Studio Zexcs will once again give us an aesthetic trip where the smooth gymnastic motions will leave our mouths hanging open.

The Bakuten!! or Backflip!! anime movie will premiere in Japan on July 2, 2022. A special screening event will be held for the film on June 11, which will be attended by some staff and cast members.

With a new trailer and some brilliant new moves, it seems like the movie will raise the stakes higher than before.

『映画 バクテン!!』本予告|2022年7月2日(土)公開
“Movie Bakuten !!” Book Notice | Released on Saturday, July 2, 2022

In the original anime season, Ao High School lost the match against their rival, Shiro High School. Futaba’s wrist injury made fans seethe as the Ao team couldn’t give their 100%.

The upcoming movie will wrap up this situation once and for all as the alpha team is bound to surface in the next competition.

The trailer shows some heartwarming moments coupled with scenes of distress between team members. Can these two schools battle it out fair and square to reach their dreams?

‘Bakuten!!’ Anime Movie Set to Wrap up the Ao Vs. Shiro Rivalry this July
Bakuten!! | Source: Crunchyroll

“Hikari no Naka kara Tsutaetai koto” is the insert song of the movie by  Centimillimental, and the beautiful theme is previewed in the video. The band wacci will perform the theme song, “Bokura no Ippo.”

Crunchyroll streamed season 1 of Bakuten!!, and it might license the film for international release. Recently, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was the first film to receive a global theatrical release by Crunchyroll, so I have high hopes for Bakuten!! as well.

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About Bakuten!!

Bakuten!! is a rhythmic gymnastics anime telling the story of a high school gymnastic team in Miyagi prefecture.
Directed by Toshimasa Kuroyanagi with ZEXCS studios this anime premiered in April of 2021 by Fuji TV under the notaminA block.

The anime is said to be a joint collaboration between Misaki no Mayoiga and Hula Fulla Dance to promote Miyagi, Iwate, and Fukushima prefectures.

The “Zutto Ōen Project 2011 + 10…” is a memorandum to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami 10 years ago.

Source: Official Website

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