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Attack On Titan’s Editor Reveals New Information

There is no doubt that Attack On Titan has been a memorable experience for fans so far. The anime production gives some stunning moments ranging from the animation used in battle scenes like Levi vs Beast Titan to some shocking “DEATH” scenes. You may wonder, why highlight death? It’s evident that Attack On Titan is full of death and destruction, but did you know that some of the pre-planned deaths didn’t appear in the anime?

Recently, SNKNews had a chance to interview the editor of Attack On Titans’, Kawakubo Shintaro. Kawakubo reveals, shockingly, that most of the Survey Corps members like Sasha, were supposed to die early on in the series (according to the manga). So, there is a section in an interview which reveals the thought process and the actual plan behind Sasha’s end.
So, here is an excerpt from the interview-

Question- Are there concepts that were interesting but ended up not being included?

Kawakubo: Well, I’m not sure if this counts as “interesting,” but around SnK volume 8 or 9, Sasha was already supposed to die in the original storyboards. The idea was that she would sacrifice herself in the process of pushing back the invading Titans. Isayama-san even already drew the rough draft. I then engaged in discussion with him, asking, “Should Sasha die here and now?” “Does she have to?” “What’s the purpose of her death?” After changing things up, he ended up feeling that Sasha could be utilized more, after all, so he allowed her to live on. I’m not sure if that storyboard would count as “interesting,” but that period definitely left a deep impression on me.”

Despite this, Attack On Titan manages to give an extremely satisfying experience to any viewer.

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