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Ash Will Be Returning to Hoenn Region In Pocket Monsters

Pokemon has been a monumental success with a consistently active fan community since 1997. It continues the trend with it’s deeply rooted new episodes as Ash heads back to his home Pallet Town. Fans love this fusion of old and new and Pokémon knows this well!

Before moving on to a new adventure, the news is out that Ash will be revisiting the Hoenn region once again along with Battle Frontier on December 29th!

The news was tweeted by user @TASOfficial in which he shares the title of the upcoming 7th episode: SS007: Fierce Fight in the Hoenn Region! Challenging the Battle Frontier!!

The old gold memories of Heonn also reminds us of Serena, who used to be Ash’s partner in the X and Y Phase but the history of Pokemon suggests us not to expect companions to appear early. So even though Serena has a high chance to cross paths with Ash again, it might not happen in the first few encounters. Fans would love to see Max and Anabel again as well along with other familiar faces who might be packing a strong bunch of Pokemon to challenge Ash once again. It will be interesting to see what kind of filler and/or exciting adventures are waiting for us before the series moves on with the newer upcoming regions.

About Pokemon:

The Pokemon franchise was first created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995 and is based on fictional creatures called “Pokémon”. Humans catch them and train to battle each other as a sport to become the best Pokemon trainer. 10-year-old Ash Ketchum is about to start his journey in the world of Pokemon with dreams of becoming a Pokemon master. On the day he is to receive his first Pokémon, Ash wakes in a panic, having overslept.

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