Star John Cena comments on Potential Future & Spinoffs for ‘Argylle’


  • In an interview with Looper, John Cena says that he’s hopeful for the future spinoffs of ‘Argylle’.
  • The poor reception and failure at the box office of ‘Argylle’ may make it difficult for the sequels to be greenlit.

‘Argylle’ star John Cena says he’s optimistic about the spy thriller becoming a success and leading to multiple spinoffs and sequels. 

The Matthew Vaughn-directed film tells the story of novelist Elly Conway and how her life takes a paradigm shift when her real life begins to parallel the events of her own novels. 

The film is not only about Elly’s thrilling journey into the espionage world but also about her imagination coming alive. As she writes her novels, we see the daring exploits of Agent Argylle (Henry Cavill) and his team: Wyatt (Cena), Keira (Ariana DeBose), and the mysterious LaGrange (Dua Lipa).

In an interview with Looper, Cena discusses the possibility of Argylle expanding into a franchise with multiple offshoots. 

There is a ton of source material for expanding the franchise, as the first of several Argylle novels, focusing on the exploits of the oblivious spy, was published last month. Read John Cena’s full comments below: 

I hope the world says yes, and that’s going to mean them going to see “Argylle” and enjoying “Argylle.” I do know Matthew Vaughn has a plan, and I hope he’s able to execute that plan. I think he’s got more than a movie in his mind, so I hope audiences around the world enjoy “Argylle,” and I hope we can get the band back together.

Despite Vaughn’s illustrious plans, Argylle’s fizzling at the box office and lackluster critical appreciation may prevent the franchise from expanding further. 

The film was made on a budget of $200 million but earned only $18 million domestically and $35 million worldwide on its opening weekend.

Unless we see an exponential increase in the box-office performance in the subsequent weeks, the film won’t even break even and prove to be a massive failure for both Apple and Universal despite being a high-profile February release.

Star John Cena Addresses ‘Argylle’s’ Potential Future & Spinoffs
John Cena | Source: IMDb

Several films, like Pixar’s ‘Elemental’ have performed exceptionally well in the subsequent weeks despite flopping during the opening weekend. This is primarily due to the positive reviews and good word-of-mouth. 

However, ‘Argylle’ has received some scathing reviews and a 34% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Therefore, it is unlikely that we’ll see the film’s performance pick up anytime soon. 

However, Vaughn’s franchise is not doomed yet if he can pull off a sequel. A sequel that tells the story of how Agent Argylle became a spy, could attract more fans, especially with Cavill’s star power. 

But this sequel depends on how well Argylle does in the theaters, as studios won’t risk making a sequel to a film that flopped badly at the box office. 

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About Argylle

Argylle is an upcoming spy action thriller film directed and produced by Matthew Vaughn, and written by Jason Fuchs, based on the yet-to-be-released novel by first-time author Elly Conway. The film features an ensemble cast consisting of Henry Cavill, Sam Rockwell, Bryce Dallas Howard, John Cena, Dua Lipa, Ariana DeBose, Rob Delaney, Bryan Cranston, Catherine O’Hara, and Samuel L. Jackson.

A world-class spy suffering from amnesia is tricked into believing he is a best-selling spy novelist. After his memories and lethal skills return, he goes down a path of revenge against the shadowy organization he used to work for, the Division.

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