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Anime Makes A Raging Breakthrough on Netflix U.S This Year

Anime has taken over the streaming market and is fast becoming one of the most popular content streamed worldwide.

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On the other hand, Netflix released a niche genre of anime this year on its streaming platform.

Now we don’t know whether it was the onset of the much-dreaded pandemic or the amazing set of anime that Netflix put on, the reception was well received with Netflix U.S. having over 100% viewership.

The Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution film gained major popularity becoming one of the most watched titles this year.

Blood of Zeus took the second position in the United States on the streaming platform this year.

Anime Makes A Raging Breakthrough on Netflix U.S This Year
Blood of Zeus | Source: Netflix

It surely looks like this streaming service is pulling all the strings to add more anime titles to their list.

From mythology to science fiction, kawaii girls to ghastly demons, Netflix continues to stack up its ever growing anime library.

“We knew that anime would garner wide attention around the world. But what we are currently witnessing is a big leap with its global fan base increasing quite rapidly.”

Taiki Sakurai, Netflix’s Chief Anime Producer

Streaming platforms like HBO Max are trying to step up their game with their full library of Studio Ghibli films, offering anime fans movies that they could not find anywhere else.

It still remains doubtful as there is a chance that a number of series might be dropped from the service.

This is because HBO’s partnership with Crunchyroll might not stay intact once the acquisition is finalized. Netflix remains unparalleled with its popularity and impressive variety of anime at present.

Anime Makes A Raging Breakthrough on Netflix U.S This Year
Japan Sinks 2020 | Source: Crunchyroll

Anime already having strong popularity in Asia, the viewership has doubled this year across Asia in countries like Japan, Indonesia, India, and Thailand.

While Japan Sinks 2020 became popular in Japan, viewers from Malaysia, India and Singapore favored the popular movie title “Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution.”

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