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Anime Limited Will Release Tenki No Ko in 2020

Earlier, Anime Limited announced that they are bringing Makoto Shinkai’s film Tenki No Ko to the United Kingdom and Ireland. This was scheduled to be in early 2020 with the cinema release being both subtitled and dubbed, in both the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Not only this but Anime Limited also announced that Tenki No Ko will be screened at Scotland Loves Anime Festival. The screening will be held in Glasgow on 12th October and Edinburgh on October 19th. All the screenings will have the subtitled version of Tenki No Ko.

Tenki No Ko is one of the highest-grossing anime films with collections having just crossed $100 million. The movie also defeated the legacy of Kimi No Na Nawa aka Your Name. Tenki No Ko was recently also submitted by Japan for Oscar consideration in the International Feature Film category. There is no doubt that Makoto Shinkai is super happy with the result.

The plot of Tenki No Ko

In the middle of his first year at secondary school, Hokoda runs away from his remote island home to Tokyo. He rapidly ends up being pushed to his financial and psychological limit thanks to the various adversities he has to deal with. The climate is strangely gloomy and consistently stormy, as though to predict his future. He lives his days in detachment. However, he finds a job as a writer at a magazine company where magic seems to be at play. On the day of his joining, Hokoda meets Hina on the corner of a busy street. This bright and strong­ willed young lady has an unusual but awesome superpower: the ability to stop the rain and clear the sky.

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