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Anime Expo Turns Virtual After Cancelling the Event for 2021

Otakus had already lost hope of attending a fan convention or even a cosplay event in 2020. But, it seems like 2021 is no different in that regard.

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Many of us were devastated after the cancellation of Anime Expo in 2020 and immediately opted for ticket roll over in hopes of attending the 2021 event.

However, with the rise of a new strain of Covid-19 in 2021, it was still uncertain if the event would seriously take place before confirming a July venue.

Anime Expo has just released a statement saying that they will be cancelling the physical Anime Expo event that was supposed to be held on the 4th week of July.

Instead, Anime Expo Lite virtual event will be held in July to make up for the cancellation. The virtual event will be filled with wholesome anime content and tons of other engaging events.

Anime Expo has been hosting a live stream of their events from 2017. So, this virtual event might be a piece of cake for them. But, we fans are still left wondering about the details for this event to come.

Also, if you’re wondering about the tickets, that too would be rolled over to 2022 Anime Expo and participants would probably be able to attend it with the cancelled previous year tickets.

The cancellation of the long awaited Anime Expo event is already sad enough, but, did you know the 2021 Anime Expo event was the 30th Anniversary of the Anime Expo convention.

The anniversary will be celebrated through photos, videos and other moments shared online.

Anime Expo is yet another new inclusion to the long list of conventions cancelled this year. We know anime and manga have received a new found popularity while everyone is stuck at home.

On the other hand, conventions have not been so lucky. These fan conventions have suffered quite the loss with venue cancellations and other refund claims by participants.

Here’s to hoping Anime Expo Lite lives up to the people’s expectations and anime fans have a good time in their year’s online venue.

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