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Join a Community of Anime Song Lovers with Live-Streaming Platform, Anileap

Tired of constantly searching for new anime songs to listen to? Want to keep up with new hits but can’t? Anileap is the solution to all your problems.

Anileap is a live streaming project where popular anime songs will be streamed 24/7 on YouTube. It “aims to create a community where everyone in all generations in the entire world can enjoy anime songs casually.”

From classic and legendary songs to the latest popular anime themes, all tracks will be available under a single roof. Listeners can get old and new tunes alike on Anileap.

King Amusement Creative, a label under King Record Co, Ltd. in Japan that mainly creates music and animated movies with voice actors, is in charge of the new project.

Before launching the project, Anileap has already started test-streaming its beta version on YouTube. You can begin your anime songs live-streaming journey right here:

Anileap アニリープ|24時間365日アニソンラジオ(βバージョン)|24/7 anime song live stream beta version

Handpicked songs from the King Record archive are being streamed along with original animation. You don’t have to worry about missing any of the songs, as all of them will be stored in a Spotify playlist.

The cute original animation that is present in the background is an art project, “NOSTALOOK” created by “we+,” a contemporary design studio. The artwork shows a Leap, a girl who lives inside a spaceship and travels the universe freely while listening to anime songs.

Anileap Presents a Live-Streaming Project for Anime Songs

If you are a fan of 70s and 90s anime, then NOSTALOOK will quickly become your favorite due to its nostalgic art style.

Anileap has taken a step towards uniting the anime community through songs. You can experience new anime songs as well as jam to your constant favorites through this project. Of course, being able to communicate with like-minded people while bopping your head to the tune is a huge plus point.

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