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Andy Serkis Becomes The Reeve’s Alfred Pennyworth

The cast of Matt Reeves’ Batman movie is taking shape slowly and steadily. Ever since Robert Pattinson was confirmed to be the Caped Crusader, fans have been speculating about the villains joining him on the big screen.

Six villains are reported to appear in the film. In the process, we sidelined the most crucial member of the Bat-family – Alfred Pennyworth. The Wrap reports that Andy Serkis has been approved for the role. There is one more bit of casting scoop, but it is pure speculation currently. Deadline brought us the story that both Warner Brothers and Matt Reeves have begun circling Colin Farrell to play Gotham’s fowl foe, the Penguin.

There was a rumour earlier that Reeves is casting the ex James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan, but things went in another direction. Moreover, Serkis seems a better choice as Reeves and Serkis worked together in the Planet of The Apes series, where they enjoyed each other’s company.

Andy Serkis has to perform well to live up to legacies of fine actors such as Michael Gough, Michael Caine and Jeremy Irons, who have all brought Alfred to life. Serkis has done some excellent work recently, and I hope that he lives up to the part.

Over the last several months, the names of actors such as Josh Gad, Seth Rogen, Nicholas Hoult, and Toby Jones were all attached to the part. But it looks like WB is setting its sails towards a familiar Fantastic Beasts face in Farrell.

The fans are also happy about the casting and showed their support on Twitter.

Things are finally moving along for DC and Warner Bros. The recent success of Joker has somewhat revived my hope that DC movies and the DC Universe can provide some stiff competition to Marvel and push the benchmark for comic book adaptations a bit higher.

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