Leaks suggest that AMD is working on drivers for Navi-32-based GPUs

Recently, Intel’s integrated GPU in the Meteor Lake APU was noted to give discrete GPU performance and was about 5% better than the AMD Radeon 780M.

Now, Moore’s Law is Dead on YouTube has revealed that AMD has completed the development of the Navi 32-based GPU and has already released functional drivers. There are two Navi-32 basked SKUs that will be announced at Gamescom 2023, and a full release is planned in September.

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Gamescom 2023 is being held in Germany from August 23rd to 27th, 2023. This is where the cards would make their initial appearance, followed by a complete release in September.

The initial specifications for the Navi-32-based GPUs accompanied this. These models are expected to be named closer to the release date.

The Radeon RX 7800XT recently spotted in an EEC listing confirms that there will be a Navi-32 GPU with 16GB of 256-bit memory. This will be the top Navi-32 variant with 60 Compute Units and a TBP of 260W.

Leaks suggest that AMD is working on drivers for Navi-32-based GPUs
Moore’s Law is Dead via Videocardz – AMD Radeon Navi 32 based GPU spec list

A cut-down Navi-32 GPU will feature 48 or 54 Compute Units with 12GB of memory on a 192-bit bus. This means the cut-down Navi-32 and the full-sized Navi-32 will support 19.5Gbps memory.

A third variant, the Navi-31-32 Hybrid, will feature 70 Compute Units and comes with 16GB of memory. However, this variant is not expected to launch any time soon.

Even when it does launch, the supplies will likely be limited with a quiet launch. Moore’s Law is Dead also mentioned that AMD could launch the Navi 32 as RX 7800 16 GB and the cut-down Navi 32 as RX 7700 12GB, as the last products based on the Navi-32 die.

The exact reason for such a long delay of the Navi-32-based GPU is unknown. However, it is a standard theory that this delay was due to an excess inventory of Navi 21-based RX 6900/6800 series.

The performance of these GPUs will surely be at par with some discrete GPUs. These cards are expected to compete with Intel’s Xe-LPG or Arc GPUs.

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