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Amazon Prime to Stream Assault Lily Bouquet in October 2020

Assault Lily initially emerged as a toy figurine line in Japan, mainly based on the two lines named Assault Lily and Custom Lily. However, Assault Lily received a novel as well as anime adaptations and became a mixed-media project.

Assault Lily Bouquet Anime To Broadcast
Assault Lily Bouquet | Source: Fandom

Assault Lily Bouquet is the anime adaptation of the novel by the same name. It is a sci-fi story with fantasy and action elements.

The anime portrays a future world where teenage girls are trained to fight against creatures who are destroying humanity.

The official Twitter account of Assault Lily has announced the broadcast and streaming dates for the upcoming anime.

[Broadcast/delivery date determined] #シャフト The TV anime “Assault Lily BOUQUET” produced by TBS TV, BS-TBS, Amazon Prime Video and others will start broadcasting from October 1st! Delivery is exclusive to Amazon Prime Video

The anime, Assault Lily Bouquet, will be broadcast and streamed starting 1st October 2020.

Assault Lily Bouquet will be broadcasted on TBS TV every Wednesday; it will also be broadcast on BS-TBS. The anime will also be exclusively streamed on Amazon Prime Video. However, it might not be available to stream outside of Japan.

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The anime was initially set for a July 2020 debut, but the release was delayed to October due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is being directed by Shouji Saeki (This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, He is my Master) under studio Shaft (Nisekoi, Sayonara, Arakawa Under The Bridge).

Miseko Hosoi will do the series composition while Akita Matsuda does the music composition. RAISE A SUILEN is performing the opening song of the series, “Sacred World.” The ending theme song is “Edel Lilie.”

The anime’s trailer portrays the “Lilies” (teen girls who are trained to fight  HUGE) fighting against the mysterious creatures with their unique CHARMs ( Counter Huge Arms).

Assault Lily Bouquet Official Trailer
Assault Lily Bouquet Official Trailer

A second cast commentary on the stage performance of “Assault Lily: League Of Gardens” will be held on 8th August.

Voice actresses Ruri Ichiyanagi, Hikaru Akao, Aoi Ishikawa, Mai Hirosawa, First Funada/l, and Mizuki Nishiha will be present for the commentary.

About Assault Lily

The Assault Lily Project is a mixed-media franchise. It is based on action dolls figures of a 1/12th scale. These action figures were conceived by the doll maker Azone International and the ACUS creative group in 2013.

The anime will occur in the near future where humanity is threatened by mysterious creatures known as “Huge.”

In an attempt to train a unit against these creatures, the government creates specialized military academies known as “Gardens” that train girls known as “Lilies.”

Lilies wield weapons made from a combination of science and magic called CHARM ( Counter Juge Arms). These CHARM wilding girls protect the Earth from this mysterious threat.

Source: Official website of Assault Lily Bouquet

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