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Isekai Series ‘Am I Actually the Strongest?’ to Receive Anime in 2023

If you are an isekai fanatic who can’t get enough of the genre, then the upcoming anime ‘Am I Actually the Strongest?’ is perfect for you. From an overpowered protagonist to a logicless rebirth, everything in this series screams classic isekai.

The ‘Am I Actually the Strongest?’ novel will receive an anime adaptation in 2023. Kodansha refrained from announcing any other detail, but you will receive more trailers and studio updates soon.

While you wait for more information, you should check out the latest visual that shows the protagonist.

Isekai Series ‘Am I Actually the Strongest?’ to Receive Anime in 2023
Am I Actually Strongest? Visual | Source: Official Website

Hart, the MC, is just like any other isekai protagonist who has been bullied in his life and became a shut-in. It’s a shame that there’s no truck-kun in this anime, but you will surely see a clumsy goddess.

This goddess will give him magic powers to help him in his next life. Hart’s only wish is to live a comfortable life watching anime and playing games. So basically, he is getting another chance that he aims to waste again.

Thankfully, as soon as he is reborn, he faces one challenge after another. Call it being petty, but it is actually satisfying to see him lose his mind over this puzzling new world.

Isekai Series ‘Am I Actually the Strongest?’ to Receive Anime in 2023
Am I Actually the Strongest? (COVER) | Source: Crunchyroll

‘Am I Actually the Strongest?’ is going to enter the anime market when isekai saturation is at an all-time high. Can it distinguish itself despite its generic plot?

About Am I Actually the Strongest?

Am I Actually the Strongest? is an isekai novel series by Sai Sumimori. It was first launched in 2018 and also received a manga adaptation later.

The series focuses on a shut-in guy who gets a second chance at life. He gets reborn in a royal family but gets abandoned because of a misunderstanding.

Soon, Hart realizes that he actually has a vast store of magical power and must survive in this dangerous world full of magical beasts.

Source: Official Website

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