All Console & Door Codes in Horizon Forbidden West – Detailed Guide

Horizon Forbidden West is an open-world survival game where players have to move from one restricted area to another in order to progress through the storyline. Sometimes, players may encounter locked doors or computer consoles requiring numerical codes to access the next area or complete objectives. Their progress will be restricted until they find the security codes and unlock the doors. 

Generally, players can find these codes by scanning nearby Datapoints and then viewing them in the notebook, but if you already know the code, you can simply punch it in and pass right through! 

Horizon Forbidden West has 12 doors/consoles that require codes: 

Sr. No. Quest Name /Area Quest Type Code 
Death’s Door  Main Quest 7482 
Cradle of Echoes  Main Quest 237 
Forbidden Legacy – Door 1 Side Quest  102023 
Forbidden Legacy – Door 2 Side Quest  4020625 
Nights of Lights  Side Quest / Relic Ruins 739135 
The Daunt  Relic Ruins 1705 
No Man’s Land  Relic Ruins 2204 
Restless Weald  Relic Ruins 1923 
Isles of Spires – 7 Floor Relic Ruins 2109 
10 Isles of Spires – 9 Floor Relic Ruins 109 
11 Isles of Spires – 6 Floor Relic Ruins 2109109 
12 The Base – 9626118 

1. Death’s Door- Main Quest

Players can find this locked door in Latopolis during the fifth main quest named “Death’s Door.” The code can be obtained by scanning the Datapoint in the hallway right across the door. After scanning the Datapoint, read the “Bad Urges” text log containing code 7482. 

2. Cradle of Echoes- Main Quest

Players can find this console in Ninmah Research Lab during the tenth main quest named “Cradle of Echoes.” When you interact with the console, the “synthetic voice” will state that there are only 236 containers in the storage and ask you to enter the number for the one you want. Don’t get confused as you want the “secret container” numbered 237. Enter the code in the console to retrieve the desired container. 

You can access this code by going Touchpad –> Notebook –> Datapoints –> Text Datapoints –> Quests and opening the ” Distress Signal” file. The code is right below the coordinates.   

3. Forbidden Legacy- Side Quest: First Door

Players can start Forbidden Legacy side quest by speaking with Alva at “The Base” or talking to her in Legacy’s Landfalls past the credits. You will find the first locked door after jumping over to the tower during this side quest. 

Scan the purple Datapoint behind the broken wall left to the door panel. After scanning it read the “Useless” text log that will reveal the code to be the founding date of the Atbay Company. Exit the log, and Alva will tell you that the company was founded in October 2023. 

October being the 10th month gives us the six-digit code- 102023

4. Forbidden Legacy- Side Quest: Second Door

Later in the Forbidden Legacy side quest, another door will block your way after reaching the top of the tower. Scan the artifacts across the door in the same room from left to right. After scanning the artifacts, Alva will comment on each of them and mention a number between her comments, 40-2-25-06. Switch the order of the last two numbers and punch the code 4020625 in the console to unlock the door. 

5. Night of Lights- Side Quest

Players will encounter another console code puzzle in the Night of Lights side quest. To find the code yourself, jump on the ledge to the left of the door and go through the vent to scan 2 Datapoints. The two Datapoints named “Malfunction” and “RSVP Requested” will give you three digits each 739 and 135. Combine the numbers and punch the code 739135 into the console. 

6. The Daunt- Relic Ruins

All Console & Door Codes in Horizon Forbidden West – Detailed Guide
The Daunt Location

Relic Ruins are recurring puzzle platforms in Horizon Forbidden West that offer several interesting rewards, including “ornament” collectibles locked behind the doors. You will encounter your first relic ruin, “The Daunt,” in the game’s starting area. Head to its second floor and find the locked door. 

If you wish to collect the Datapoint, head through the balcony on the left and scan it. The code is 1705. 

7. No Man’s Land- Relic Ruins

All Console & Door Codes in Horizon Forbidden West – Detailed Guide
No Man’s Land Location

You will find a locked door at the end of the No Man’s Land Relic Ruin. Scan the datapoint “VIP Key” while moving through the ruin’s chambers, and you will find the code 2204.  

8. Restless Weald- Relic Ruins

All Console & Door Codes in Horizon Forbidden West – Detailed Guide
Restless Weald Location

In the Restless Weald ruin, the code is the year in which this building was made. You can find the year written on the southeast wall of the building, 1923. The “9” is damaged, so it appears as a “6,” but it is an upside-down 9. 

9. Isle of Spires- Relic Ruins (7th Floor)

All Console & Door Codes in Horizon Forbidden West – Detailed Guide
Isle of Spire Location

 The Isle of Spire relic ruin has three total console codes. You can find these codes by scanning the Datapoints near each floor’s locked doors and solving the text log puzzle.  

The datapoint “Re: Locked In!” contains the code for the seventh-floor’s door. It reads, “Start with a two and from there, just hit each number counter-clockwise. So, from right to left.” This hint suggests the code to be 2109. 

10. Isle of Spires- Relic Ruins (9th Floor)

The security code for the 9th floor’s locked door can be collected by scanning the datapoint “9th Floor Security Measures” near the door. It states that the code for the office is 1-0-floor number, which is 9. So, punch in the digits 109 into the console. 

11. Isle of Spires- Relic Ruins (6th Floor)

The sixth-floor’s locked door is the main door for this entire relic ruin. The Datapoint “Storage Instruction” is right next to the door. It states the security code to be the combination of the first two codes you just collected on floor 7 and 9, so punch in the digits 2109109. 

12. The Base Door

The locked door in The Base is the trickiest one to crack. To develop the code, you need to scan four of the Datapoints scattered in the base and combine the digits mentioned in them. 

  • The first Datapoint “A Little Flourish,” mentions 9 Regional Control Centers. 
  • The second Datapoint “Caterpillars and Chrysalises,” mentions Sample 626
  • The third Datapoint “The Vault,” mentions 11 weeks. 
  • The fourth Datapoint “On the Regional Control Center,” mentions the daughter’s age as 8. 

Hence, the code is 9626118. 

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