Ahsoka Episode 3 Ending Explained: Ahsoka and Sabine’s Quest for Ezra

Episode 3 of Ahsoka continues the collaboration between Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren as they try to hunt down Morgan Elsbeth, who is working to resurrect Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Thrawn is the former Imperial leader who can allegedly restore the Empire. After the first two episodes of Ahsoka, Tano and Wren continue their roles as mentor and protégé while tracking down Elsbeth and her cohorts. Along the way, they discover the true nature of the project that the Nightsister of Dathomir has been secretly developing in the fringes of the known galaxy.

In episode 3 of Ahsoka, Ahsoka decides to resume Sabine’s Jedi training. At the same time, Hera Syndulla seeks the support of Chancellor Mon Mothma and the New Republic to avert the impending war that Thrawn will inevitably start if he returns from his exile.

Ahsoka episode 3 ended on a cliffhanger, keeping us impatiently waiting for the next episode. In the end, Ahsoka and Sabine reach the space ring where Elsbeth is working on the portal but are outnumbered by her forces. However, the Purrgil come to their rescue. Ahsoka senses Ezra’s presence, implying that he might be alive and reachable through the portal.

1. Ahsoka Season 1 Episode 3 Ending Explained

In the end of Ahsoka episode 3, Baylan Skoll sends his troops and HK assassin droids to catch Ahsoka and Sabine on Seatos.

The final scene of Ahsoka episode 3 is reminiscent of Ahsoka’s live-action debut in The Mandalorian Chapter 13: The Jedi, where she confronted Elsbeth Morgan’s forces on Corvus. Those same forces were sent by Baylan Skoll to track down Ahsoka and Sabine Wren after they escaped to the forest on Seatos.

Ahsoka Episode 3: Is Ezra alive? Who are the purrgil?
Ahsoka | Source: IMDb

Their trip to the planet was fraught with challenges as they faced Elsbeth and her allies in space battles, but that gave way to Ahsoka, demonstrating her prowess as a warrior once again. Finally, Ahsoka and Sabine manage to reach the space ring where Elsbeth is working to revive Thrawn.

However, Elsbeth’s forces outnumber them. When the duo is about to face defeat, the purrgil arrive on time through space travel to help them. Ahsoka senses Ezra’s presence in the arrival of the purrgil, but the episode does not confirm anything more about the same, leaving us on a cliffhanger about Ahsoka, Sabine and Ezra’s fate!

2. Who are the purrgil in Ahsoka?

The purrgil are a semi-sentient species of space whales that can travel through hyperspace without hyperdrives. They need a specific green gas to breathe, which allows them to travel great distances through space.

The purrgil have a connection to the Force and to Ezra Bridger, the missing Jedi who was last seen with Grand Admiral Thrawn. In the finale of Star Wars Rebels, Ezra summoned the purrgil to wrap their tentacles around Thrawn’s ship and jump into hyperspace, taking Ezra and Thrawn with them.

Ahsoka Episode 3: Is Ezra alive? Who are the purrgil?
Purrgil | Source: IMDb

In Ahsoka episode 3, Ahsoka and Sabine encounter the purrgil on their way to the planet Seatos, where they are looking for clues about Thrawn’s whereabouts. Sabine says that she hasn’t seen the purrgil since the day Ezra disappeared, implying that they might be a sign of his survival.

They also learn from Huyang, a droid who helps Sabine with her Jedi training, that the purrgil follow intergalactic hyperspace lanes between galaxies, and that the Eye of Sion, a hyperspace ring that Morgan Elsbeth is building, could use those lanes to reach another galaxy. This suggests that the purrgil could be the key to finding Ezra and Thrawn.

3. Is Ezra Bridger alive in Ahsoka?

Ezra Bridger is not dead in Ahsoka, but rather missing in an unknown location. When the purrgil arrive on time to help Ahsoka and Sabine, they remember that they haven’t seen the creatures since Ezra’s disappearance in Star Wars Rebels. Although Ezra disappeared in Rebels, his death was never confirmed.

In Ahsoka, Ahsoka and Sabine are trying to find him, as they believe he is still alive and might be in another galaxy with Grand Admiral Thrawn. Both were last seen in Star Wars Rebels, when they were taken away by the purrgil, space whales that can travel through hyperspace.

Moreover, the creator of Ahsoka, Dave Filoni, has confirmed that Ezra is not dead, but has not revealed his exact fate. Since Ahsoka strongly feels Ezra’s presence through the Space portal, it could mean he is alive and can be reached through the purrgil.

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4. About Star Wars: Ahsoka

Ahsoka is a Star Wars show on Disney+. Created by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, the show sees Rosario Dawson returning as Ahsoka Tano.

The series follows Anakin’s former Padawan Ahsoka Tano as she hunts the Chiss dictator Grand Admiral Thrawn, who plans to take over the galaxy.

The cast includes Rosario Dawson, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Eman Esfandi,  Ray Stevenson, and Ivanna Sakhno. 


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