Basim Betrays Eivor – Why did he do that? AC Valhalla Explanation

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Basim Ibn Isha who appears to be a close ally in the start, might not be in it for the Viking’s benefit. Guiding Eivor in AC: Valhalla, Basim turns the tables at the moment we least expected.

A member of the Hidden One, Basim first befriended Sigured in Constantinople. He was brought over with Hytham to Norway, where he subsequently met with his younger sibling Eivor.

Basim goes way back in the past in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but that was just part of his treacherous plan to get justice in his sense. There will be major main story arc spoilers for AC: Valhalla; consider yourself warned.

Why did Basim Betray Eivor?

Basim betrays Eivor as Basim is the reincarnation of Loki and wants to enact his revenge on his fellow Isu (Eivor & Sigurd) for their treatment of his son in the past. Basim’s whole story arc led to the point of him betraying Eivor.

It turns out Basim is the reincarnation of Isu Loki, and he wants Eivor and Sigurd dead for the unfair treatment his son received. Now, why did an Isu that lived eons ago want some two-bit Vikings dead who were just trying to find a warm camp in mighty England?

AC Valhalla: Why did Basim Betray Eivor? Is Basim Loki?
Basim Ibn Ishaq

You guessed it right, Eivor and Sigurd are themselves, reincarnations of Isu Havi (the ancient callsign of Odin) and Isu Tyr. Havi and Tyr were the ones responsible for Loki’s Son way back. Loki’s son is the wolf son that Eivor saw in the Norse Isu History.

Basim betrayed Eivor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla as he is the reincarnation of Isu Loki and wants justice for the unfair treatment that his son received. Basim wants Eivor and Sigurd dead as they are reincarnations of Isu Havi (Odin) and Isu Tyr, who treated Loki’s son, the wolf, unfairly.

How Did Loki Get Reincarcerated as Basim?

Long story short, Loki was never supposed to be brought back. When Asgard was facing the end, all the Isu decided to reserve their genetic code so that they could be brought back later to coexist with other beings as sage or be reincarnated. Like Isu, Odin coexists with Eivor.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: The Hidden Truth (Animus Anomalies / Isu)

Loki being Loki, at the last moment, killed one of the Isu and took his place to get his genetic code to be reserved. He ultimately wanted to avenge his son by later plotting to kill Eivor.

This might seem ultimately evil to some but to some, in essence, he just wanted justice for his wolf son. His being evil is indeed debatable.

Loki, to get reincarnated as Basim, uploaded his genetic code by killing one of the Isu during the fall of Asgard in the solar flare. While other Isus like Odin also came back through Eivor, Loki’s main motive was to kill Eivor to avenge his son.

Who is Basim’s Son in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

Fenrir, the great beast, is Loki and Aletheia or Angrboða’s son. Fenrir is the same wolf we are tasked to fight within the Norse flashbacks of AC: Valhalla. It is the same wolf that we take down in the blinding fate mission and the reason Basim is after us.

Basim’s or Loki’s son is the great wolf Fenrir; it is the wolf that Eivor fights to take down in the Norse mythology mission titled ‘The Blinding Fate.’

AC Valhalla: Why did Basim Betray Eivor? Is Basim Loki?
Loki’s Son Fenrir

The reason Odin and the other Isu were after Fenrir was because it was foretold in the prophecies that Fenrir will ultimately slay Odin at Ragnarok. Even though Odin tried to find evidence otherwise in the threads of fate, the events went on happening as foretold.

What Happens to Basim/ Loki in AC: Valhalla Modern World?

Basim, in the end, finally attacks Sigurd and Eivor, but Eivor eventually trumps him and defects him. Instead of slaying him outright, Eivor plugs Basim’s body into the Isu machine where Basim’s consciousness is transported to the ‘Grey,’ the same place Desmond and Clay are.

AC Valhalla: Why Did Basim Betray Eivor? Is Basim Loki?

In the present world, Layla finds Basi hooked up to the Isu device and decides to enter herself. In the Grey, she finds Desmond or now better known as ‘The Reader.’ Together they try to find a way out of the solar flares.

Desmond warns Layla to go back now or get stuck forever in the Grey; she eventually stays. Meanwhile, Loki gets back into the real world in her place as Basim once again.

After being brought back into the world, Basim heals himself using the staff of power and seems to be talking to Aletheia through the staff, whom he calls ‘my love.’ This strongly suggests that Loki and Aletheia were lovers.

Basim meets back with Shaun and Rebecca with plans to meet with William Miles.

Basim tries to kill Eivor but is defeated, and Eivor plugs him into the Grey using the Isu machine in AC: Valhalla. In the modern world, Loki escapes in Basim’s body as Layla decides to stay in the Grey. Basim uses the Staff of Power to get his strength and refers to Aletheia as her love.

So, Is Basim/ Loki the Real Evil?

So far, it not clear what Loki’s intentions are, but the foreshadowing is real heavy. Loki now has the staff of power and his lover Aletheia. The duo seems to be the Isu Templars with plans to ‘Rule the World’. Maybe he just wants to reunite his family, but that does not seem to be his only goal.

Loki has returned to the modern world as Basim and is in control of the Staff of Power in AC: Valhalla. He and his lover Aletheia come off as Isu Templars with the motives of grandeur. How evil and devastating his plans are only time will tell.

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