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Abyss Rage Mangaka, Nariaki Narita, has Taken a Short Break

Abyss Rage manga was scheduled to release a new chapter this week, which was delayed as the author decided to take a short break.

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The mangaka of Abyss Rage, Nariaki Narita, came down with a bad cold and decided to take a short break. He was unable to continue due to a high fever.

He decided not to take any risk during this COVID 19 pandemic situation and take his time to rest and recover to prevent any worse outcome.

He apologized to all the fans who were looking forward to this chapter and in exchange, drew a few pages as a special chapter.

This special chapter takes us back to a conversation of Magami with a middle-aged lady where he shows her how he can change his personality from Suichi Amagami, the distinguished son of Amagami Conglomerate, to Magami the Prison Chief.

Abyss Rage Mangaka, Nariaki Narita, has Taken a Short Break
Abyss Rage | Source: Fandom

The last cannon chapter showed us flashbacks from Shinobu and Mikoto’s childhood days, where both of them vowed to support each other.

Shinobu revealed his wish to become the next Head of the Mibuchi School and how he is ready to undergo harsh and challenging training.

The series will resume back on October 29. The author assured us that the next chapter would end the series of flashbacks and move towards the final battle.

He ended his announcement by asking the fans to enjoy the rest of the series as much as possible until it concludes.

About Abyss Range

The story follows a blind boy who lived peacefully with his master and girlfriend, Mikoto. He trains hard to learn “Mibuchi Toshujutsu,” the ancient martial art of self-defense.

One day a strange visitor appears and steals away Mikoto after defeating Shinobu and his master.

After searching for his lost girlfriend for three years, he finds himself at a remote island prison where only the most dreadful kind of criminals are housed

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