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A3! Season Winter Releases New PV For November 23rd Premiere

“A3! ACT! ADDICT! ACTORS!” is an anime series based on a popular smartphone game which was developed by Liber Entertainment back in 2017.

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The game told the story of a theatre company named “Mankai Company” and the actors associated with the company.

The actors split into four groups: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each of the groups have a dedicated anime adaptation for the fans.

The Spring & Summer anime series was broadcasted back in May 2020 with 12 episodes in total. The current Autumn series began to broadcast from October and is said to have 6 episodes in total.

The Winter group of A3! named, “A3! Season Winter,” will air from November 23, 2020. The official website for the series has released a new PV for Season Winter. Season Winter will be the last part of the anime project.

A3! Season Winter Releases New PV For November 23rd Premiere
A3! Funimation | Source: Funimation

A visual poster released earlier showcased the actors for Season Winter. The poster portrayed their determination in acting shown clearly by their expressions.

TV anime “A3!” PV ~ SEASON WINTER ~ PV

The PV for Season Winter gives the first look for the actors in the Winter Troupe and also shares a short snippet of the theme song “To Bloom…”

The voice cast for Season Winter includes:

CharactersCastsOther Works
Tsumugi TsukiokaAtsushi TamuraKoichi Nanase (Gundam Build Divers)
Tasuku TakatoTakuya SatouToshiki (Cardfight!! Vanguard)
Hisoka MikageJunta TerashimaShin Ichijo (King of Prism)
Homare ArisugawaToshiyuki ToyonagaMikado (Durarara!!)
Azuma YukishiroTetsuya KakiharaNatsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

The Director for Season Winter will be Masayuka Sakoi who has recently directed the Season Autumn as well. Season Autumn is currently airing in major TV channels like Tokyo MX and KBS Kyoto.

The Season Winter anime will be produced under the collaborative efforts of studios PAWORKS x Studio 3 Hz.

Season Winter will definitely showcase the outcome of the constant efforts of all four actor troupes and reach a conclusion whether their company survives and is debt-free or not. Let’s wait for November 23rd to find out.


A3! Act! Addict! Actors! is a mobile game based anime. It is produced by Liber entertainment and has two seasons, A3! Season Spring and Summer and A3! Season Autumn and Winter.

Mankai Company is an agency for actors. Izumi Tachibana finds herself with the responsibility to revive the company to its lost glory after it sank under debts. She has to recruit new talents and bloom them into actors to save the company.

Season Spring & Summer were aired back in May 2020. Season Autumn is currently airing 6 episodes and Season Winter will premiere on November 23 of 2020.

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