A Complete Cast and Character Guide to Avatar: The Way of Water

After 13 whole years, Avatar: The Way of Water is back to make a big splash! Fans are now re-entering Pandora with a whole new story and set of characters in place. Given that CGI has made most of the actors unrecognizable in their avatar forms, you may not even be able to identify them!

Wondering who’s who? Here is a character and cast guide for Avatar: The Way of Water.

In Avatar: The Way of Water, Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, and Stephen Lang reprise their roles as Jake, Neytiri, and Quaritch, while Sigourney Weaver returns to play the new role of Kiri. Kate Winslet, Cliff Curtis, and Brendan Cowell join as new characters Ronal, Tonowari, and Scoresby, respectively.

To help you out, I’ve put down a brief character guide that will help you identify the characters, who plays them, and their roles in the film. Let’s go!

1. The Sullys

I. Sam Worthington as Jake Sully

A Complete Cast and Character Guide to Avatar: The Way of Water
Jake and Neytiri

Worthington returns as Jake Sully, the lead protagonist in Avatar: The Way of Water. As we saw in the first movie, he was forced to take his brother’s place and complete his duties on Pandora. By the end, he became Na’vi and proved his loyalty to the Omaticaya clan.

In the second film, the RDA once again returns to colonize Pandora. Jake must do his best to protect his clan and family, even at the cost of personal sacrifices.

II. Zoe Saldana as Neytiri

Saldana is also back as the badass Neytiri. She’s the daughter of Omaticaya’s former chief, a position that Jake took over after being indoctrinated within the clan. After giving Jake a chance to prove himself in the first movie, she fell in love with him and now has a family with him.

Avatar: The Way of Water will have a special focus on the next stage of Neytiri’s relationship with Jake, their domestic life, and their children.

III. Jamie Flatters as Neteyam

 Complete Cast and Character Guide to Avatar: The Way of Water
Jamie Flatters as Neteyam

Jamie Flatters plays Jake and Neytiri’s oldest child, Neteyem. Being the oldest means that he has to be very disciplined, selfless, and the best at what he does, setting an example for his siblings. He is also next in line to be Omaticaya’s chief after Jake, something his father often reminds him.

IV. Britain Dalton as Lo’ak

Britain Dalton plays Jake and Neytiri’s middle child, Lo’ak. It’s a well-known fact that middle children can be a little wayward; the same can be said for Lo’ak. He prefers to explore Pandora on his lonesome and befriends other outcast creatures. Because of this, he ends up getting bullied as well.

V. Trinity Jo-Li Bliss as Tuktirey

Trinity Jo-Li plays Jake and Neytiri’s youngest child, Tuktirey. Simply known as “Tuk,” she’s significantly smaller than her siblings because of her age. She’s warm, affectionate, and loves to be a part of different activities, even the ones that end up being dangerous.

VI. Jack Champion as Miles “Spider” Socorro

A Complete Cast and Character Guide to Avatar: The Way of Water

Jack Champion plays Miles “Spider” Socorro, a human teen who is adopted by Jake and Neytiri. He earned his nickname of “Spider” because of his ability to move like an avatar flawlessly. He was found by Jake and Neytiri, who realized that the RDA had abandoned him on Pandora after they’d been exiled from the planet.

VII. Sigourney Weaver as Kiri

Sigourney Weaver returns to the Avatar universe, but in a new, um, “avatar.” As you may remember, her character, Dr. Grace Augustine, died in the first movie. So, Weaver plays the new character of Kiri in Avatar: The Way of Water.

As it happens, Grace had a daughter named Kiri whose avatar body was left in stasis. Jake and Neytiri decide to look after Grace’s daughter and raise her as their own. To tell you a little about Kiri’s personality, she’s like the Luna Lovegood of Pandora.

2. Stephen Lang as Miles Quaritch

A Complete Cast and Character Guide to Avatar: The Way of Water
Colonel Miles Quaritch in Avatar

Believe it or not, after Weaver, another dead character comes alive! Yes, Stephen Lang reprises his role as Avatar’s main villain once again. Just writing about him gives me goosebumps!

I don’t want to spoil just exactly how he was resurrected, but you can rest assured it is truly and undoubtedly him. What’s worse — He’s still very keen on plotting his revenge against Jake and will once again lead the RDA to plunder the Pandora’s bounty.

3. Cliff Curtis as Tonowari

Cliff Curtis plays Tonowari, the chief of the Metkayina Clan who oversees matters along with his wife, Ronal. The Metkayina have a few physical traits and abilities that are different from the Omaticaya clan. This is due to the fact that they are primarily born and bred near the Pandoran sea.

With his warrior-like stance and get-up, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that as clan leader, Tonowari rules over Pandora’s seas.

4. Kate Winslet as Ronal

A Complete Cast and Character Guide to Avatar: The Way of Water
Ronal of the Metkayina clan

Kate Winslet joins Avatar: The Way of Water as Ronal, as a free diver and protective matriarch of the Metkayina clan. Just like Neytiri, Ronal is not one to be messed with — despite being pregnant with a third child, you can see her fiercely training for combat. It’s this very nature that makes her wary of the Sullys who have come to seek safe haven with the Metkayina.

5. Brendan Cowell as Scoresby

Brendan Cowell plays Captain Mick Scoresby, a minor antagonist in Avatar: The Way of Water. Owning a private hunting, he leads teams to mercilessly poach tulkuns in Pandoran waters — a venture that Quaritch that supports. He’s as crass and heartless as they come!

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6. About Avatar: The Way of Water

Avatar: The Way of Water is an upcoming American epic science fiction film directed by James Cameron and produced by 20th Century Studios. It is the second film in Cameron’s Avatar franchise, following Avatar (2009).

Cameron produces with Jon Landau. Cast members Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel David Moore, Dileep Rao, CCH Pounder, and Matt Gerald are all reprising their roles from the original film, with Sigourney Weaver returning in a different role. New cast members include Kate Winslet, Cliff Curtis, Edie Falco, Brendan Cowell, Michelle Yeoh, Jemaine Clement, Oona Chaplin, Vin Diesel, and CJ Jones.

Avatar 2 revolves around a universal concept of family and follows Jake Sully and Neytiri 14 years after the first film as they focus on protecting their child. However, they are forced to leave their home and explore the different regions of Pandora when an old threat returns to finish what they started. Jake has never faced a bigger challenge.

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