20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover – Ranked!

Strength reigns supreme, and in Black Clover, it is through magic that one establishes their power.

We’ve been introduced to many magic types since the beginning, and every time we come across a powerful one, it is soon taken over by another.

From Asta’s Anti-Magic to World Tree Magic, every attribute is unique and has its own powers. Even simple elemental magic can grant its user great strength if used right.

Every time a new magic attribute is revealed, the Black Clover fandom starts comparing it to the previous ones, and the debate ensues.

Which magic type is the strongest? It definitely isn’t easy to place one above the other, especially with all the different conditions such as the amount of mana, the user, etc. being taken into account.

However, what if we rank them based on a) Unlimited mana b) User is attributed (skilled) with the magic type?

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the strongest magic types in Black Clover based on the aforementioned criteria.

20. Permeation Magic – Gueldre Poizot

When someone asks what we want our superpower to be, there are a lot who desire to be invisible. Well, as it turns out, Gueldre Poizot, the former captain of Purple Orca, got this wish fulfilled.

Permeation Magic allows its user to turn invisible, but that’s not all. It also allows them to pass through other magic, which is quite a powerful skill.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Permeation Magic – Gueldre Poizot | Source: Fandom

Geuldre used this magic to its extremes by acting as a spy. Furthermore, he used it in tandem with creation magic, thus making creatures that were invisible to the eye.

When used correctly, Permeation Magic has the ability to render its user invincible against magic attacks. Due to this, it is placed 20th on this list.

19. Soul Corpse Magic – Rades Spirito

Soul Corpse Magic is similar to necromancy as it allows the user to reanimate and control corpses. By infusing his mana into corpses, Rades Spirito could control them even without using a grimoire.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Soul Corpse Magic – Rades Spirito | Source: Fandom

Despite being morbid, this magic attribute is powerful due to the significant number of followers or helpers it can gather. The individual strength of a corpse is similar to what it was when they were alive, but it can be amplified using magic.

Furthermore, the animated corpses’ tenacity surpasses all as they will keep moving despite suffering grievous injuries; the only way to stop them is by negating the magic or destroying their bodies entirely.

However, the main reason why Soul Corpse Magic is exceptionally powerful and feared is that its user can recall souls and completely revive the dead at its pinnacle.

18. Painting Magic – Rill Boismortier

Painting Magic allows its user to generate and manipulate paint. It is one of the most versatile kinds of magic, as its limits are only defined by the user’s creativity.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Painting Magic – Rill Boismortier | Source: Fandom

Rill Boismortier, captain of the Azure Deer, has shown great mastery over this magic, becoming one of the most powerful and youngest captains.

Through his magic, he can create anything he desires, including other magic elements. When emotionally unstable, Painting Magic is enhanced even further.

17. Elemental Magic

Elemental Magic is one of the simplest yet powerful magic types.

Be it wind, water, fire, earth, lightning, or any other element; it provides its user with great raw strength. From that point on, how it develops depends on the user.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Elemental Magic | Source: Fandom

For example, Mereoleona’s Fire Magic, Noelle’s Water Magic, Nozelle’s Mercury Magic, or even Yuno’s Wind Magic equip its users with extreme power.

However, the reason it is ranked so low is that to utilize it to its full extent; the user needs to be proficient in other skills such as creation magic. Without the potential to do so, the Elemental Magic attribute can be pretty mediocre.                               

16. Dream Magic – Dorothy

Dream Magic is one of the most overpowered ( bordering into hax) magic attributes. Its user, Dorothy Unsworth, has an ability called Glamour World that can easily trap anyone in it.

In this glamour world, Dorothy can create and do basically anything she wills. Over there, she is God, and everyone that enters it is at her mercy.

To understand the full potential of Glamour World, Dorothy can change her magic type, as well as anyone who enters it.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Dorothy Unsworth | Source: Fandom

She can will a giant teddy to fall onto that person or a steel building. There are no limitations, except that Dorothy needs to be present in the Dream World herself.

Dream Magic could have been ranked way higher in this list if not for the fact that it can neither control other people’s magic nor their actions.

15. Bone Magic – Zenon Zogratis

Bone Magic allows its user to generate bones and manipulate them at will. They are incredibly sharp and hard, acting as great weapons.

One of the spells used with it is Internal Fangs, in which the user protrudes bones out of their body that are strong enough to puncture the enemy.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Zenon Zogratis | Source: Fandom

Zenon Zogratis is a Bone Magic-user and can wield it to an astonishing level. During fights, he typically releases massive tangles of bones that brutally skewer opponents.

Furthermore, he can also use them to defend himself by using the bones to form a sturdy armor.

Due to its great defensive and destructive power (when fighting close quarters), Bone Magic is ranked 15th on this list.

14. Gravity Magic – Lucifero

Gravity Magic allows its user to manipulate gravity at will, which can be applied in a lot of different ways.

Be it decreasing gravity, allowing other things to float, applying enormous amounts of pressure; the applications are endless.

Lucifero, a devil user of Gravity Magic, has shown us just how powerful it can be.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Lucifero | Source: Fandom

As its host, Dante used the “Presence of the Demon King” spell to dramatically increase gravity’s strength that was capable of bending magical light and snapping trees in half.

Furthermore, he can create a highly destructive black hole sphere that annihilates anything within range. It is so incredibly powerful that let alone mountains; it can cut through spacetime itself. Due to this, it is ranked 14th on this list.

13. Mirror Magic – Gauche Adlai

Mirror Magic allows its user to create and manipulate mirrors at will.

It is highly efficient, as they can be used to both reflect and create rays of light to form mirror duplicates of a target and move between mirrors.

Gauche is an extremely powerful Mirror Magic-user. One of his spells, Full Reflection, can manifest an extensive array of mirrors that reflect light off each other to destroy any person or object between them.

Mirror Magic is a natural counter to the highly powerful Light Magic; however, it falls short against magic that absorbs or refracts light.

12. Spacial Magic – Langris

Spatial Magic can allow you to surpass the limits of distance while also being capable of high scale destruction.

It allows the user to manipulate the fabric of space and is one of the most versatile forms of magic, as seen by the difference of its use in the hands of Finral and Langris.

While one uses it to travel or open portals from one place to another, the other uses it to create a highly compressed space that’s destructive.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Langris Vaude | Source: Fandom

We have also witnessed many other spatial abilities spells such as Myriad Black, Archangel Shootdown, and Different Dimension Sphere that have proved to be powerful enough to make even the captain of Crimson Lions fall victim to them.

11. Shadow Magic – Nacht

Shadow Magic allows the user to manipulate shadows in highly versatile ways. Nacht can use it to travel between shadows at will, hide or pull others into them, and even restrict or control movements.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Nacht | Source: Fandom

Similar to Spatial Magic, it has the capability of transporting the user or other people large distances away, and with the help of Creation Magic, it can form creatures and hands to attack or restrict targets.

The full potential of Shadow Magic has not been revealed since Nacht has just been introduced; however, it is without a doubt going to be powerful.

10. Scale Magic – Damnatio Kira

Scale Magic allows the user to create and manipulate scales that can manipulate various qualities of magic. Used by Damnatio Kira, it can be used to manifest a scale and a set of weights that represent him and the target.

By doing this, Damnatio can then balance out the magic power between both sides or even tip the scales and increase or decrease the other side’s strength.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Damnatio Kira | Source: Fandom

This means that no matter how powerful the enemy is, he can always have the strength to face them.

While the full potential of Scale Magic has not been revealed, it is, without a doubt, extremely unique and strong.

9. World Tree Magic – William Vangeance

World Tree magic allows the user to generate and manipulate world trees at will. It is a unique magic attribute, and its only known user is William Vangeance – captain of Golden Dawn.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
William Vangeance | Source: Fandom

Like an actual tree, World Tree magic has many uses and is excellent for both attack and support mage types. It can be used to bind and restrict opponents, heal allies, as well as absorb mana from others to create even more world trees.

Its power can be imagined because as long as the user has mana, the trees will continue to absorb power from its opponents and continue growing. Along with Dark Magic, the World Tree Magic is required for the Tree of Qliphoth to grow.

8. Blood Magic – Witch Queen

Blood Magic is a fearsome magic attribute that can create and manipulate blood.

The Witch Queen used it to heal cursed people (Asta) and even control them as a puppet after staining them with her powers. Even Asta, with his powerful will, fell victim to it for a short time.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Witch Queen | Source: Fandom

Techniques and spells such as Blood-Spattered Execution Ground, which trapped everyone in a bloody execution ground, and Red Beast that created a powerful blood beast, show the extent of blood magic’s powers.

However, even then, its full limits have not been explored. Without a doubt, Blood Magic is one of the most potent and dangerous magic types in Black Clover.

7. Food Magic – Charmy Pappitson

Food Magic is an incredibly unique magic attribute that allows the user to consume other types of magic. This was first seen in the series when Charmy awakened her dwarf powers.

Through Food Magic, she manifested a giant wolf with a fork and knife that was capable of consuming spells and converting it into energy for the user.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Charmy Pappitson | Source: Fandom

This spell, called Glutton’s Banquet, proves the full potential of Food Magic, as it can give the user extreme power while making sure their energy is always at its optimum level.

Even when facing a strong opponent, it is highly likely that the user will be the last person standing.

6. Light Magic – Patri

Light Magic allows its user to generate and manipulate light itself. Due to its properties, it is, without doubt, one of the fastest magic types in the world of Black Clover.

It is so powerful that two of its users, First Wizard King and Leader of the Midnight Sun, Patri, possess a four-leaf grimoire.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Light Magic – Patri | Source: Fandom

The user can use Light Magic in tandem with creation magic to manifest weapons such as swords, whips, and spears to attack a target. It can even be used to heal and support other mages.

Its destructive power is so immense that it can annihilate the entire Clover Kingdom, and the Wizard King had to sacrifice the majority of his powers to protect it.

5. Kotodama Magic – Zagred

Kotodama Magic, also known as World Soul Magic, allows the user to manipulate their surroundings through speech. It was first used by the devil, Zagred, in the elf reincarnation arc.

By using Kotodama Magic, Zagred could produce any phenomenon he wanted and could outpower Patri and the First Wizard King along with other Magic Knights.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Zagred | Source: Fandom

Due to its origin, i.e., the underworld, only Dark Magic and Anti-Magic can affect it; however, Kotodama Magic itself can create and control all magic types.

While it does have its limits depending upon the user’s strength and cannot command anyone to directly die, it is, without doubt, too overpowered.

4. Dark Magic – Yami Sukehiro

Dark Magic allows the user to generate and manipulate darkness itself. It is the polar opposite of Light Magic and is used by Black Bulls’ captain, Yami Sukehiro.

Unlike the former, Dark Magic is slow and requires time to cast spells.

However, Yami overcomes this disadvantage by coating his magic on a Katana and using it to attack his opponents. Not only does this increase the speed, but it also becomes more destructive.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Yami Sukehiro | Source: Fandom

Furthermore, it can absorb other magic types and is effective against devils and their powers. Along with the World Tree Magic, Dark Magic is required for the Tree of Qliphoth to grow.

3. Imitation Magic – Rhya

Imitation Magic is an extremely overpowered magic type that allows the user to copy other mage’s spells. To do so, they are first required to touch the target’s grimoire.

Rhya, a member of the Midnight Sun, is a user of Imitation Magic and has copied several types of magic.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Imitation Magic – Rhya | Source: Fandom

What makes this magic so fearsome is that the copied spells can match those of the original owners in power.

Till now, we’ve seen Rhy use spatial, Light, Water, permeation, and even more types of magic. It truly is a one-for-all type, as its user has access to all magic attributes, with the exception of Anti-Magic.

2. Time Magic – Julius Novachrono

Time Magic is an insanely powerful magic type that allows its user to manipulate time. The Wizard King, Julius Novachrono, uses it, and with his Coverless Grimoire, it makes him one of the strongest in the series.

Through Time Magic, the user can restrain, accelerate, decelerate, stop, or even reverse the flow of time.

This is seen when Julian uses up his stored time to revert to his 13-year-old self and escape death. He can also “heal” injuries by reversing the time on his and other people’s wounds.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Time Magic – Julius Novachrono | Source: Fandom

By using this magic, he would have defeated the leader of the Midnight Sun, Patri, if not for the citizens being held hostage.

Time Magic is the definition of overpowered, and it might even be ranked 1st, if not for the lack of information.

Honorary Mentions

Spirit Magic

Spirit Magic is powerful; however, it qualifies as a spell rather than a magic attribute.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Spirit Magic | Source: Fandom

The user must first possess a base elemental magic, and after that, they can summon one of the four great spirits – Sylph, Salamander, Undine, and the Spirit of Earth.

Furthermore, it is very difficult to summon a spirit and gain its acknowledgment. These are the reasons why it isn’t included in this list.

Thread Magic

Used by Vanessa, Thread Magic allows her to generate and manipulate threads.

At its peak, the user can control fate and rewrite an adverse event to a more favorable outcome. Despite being overpowered, there is one main reason why it isn’t listed here.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Thread Magic | Source: Fandom

The reason is that having Thread Magic does not equal to Red Thread of Fate.

Vanessa unlocked it because of her desire to protect her friends and fate, and it isn’t known whether others can do the same.

Sealing Magic – Secre Swallowtail

Sealing Magic, used by Secre Swallowtail, is incredible magic that allows its user to seal objects.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Sealing Magic-Secre Swallowtail | Source: Fandom

The main reason it isn’t listed here is that it does not have great attacking or defending powers. However, it is still an exceptional magic, as it is only because of this that the Wizard Kings (both first and recent) survived.

1. Anti Magic

Anti Magic is the strongest magic type in Black Clover because it has the ability to nullify all other forms of magic. Asta is the only character in Black Clover to use Anti Magic due to being mana-less.

20 Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover
Anti Magic | Source: Fandom

He uses swords such as Demon Slayer and Demon Dweller that are stored within a grimoire to channel Anti Magic.

These swords can cut, reflect, or negate any spell created out of magic. This makes it the bane of magic itself, giving it the ability to surpass all others on this list.


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