Will John Cena Retire from WWE After His Defeat at Crown Jewel?

The future of John Cena’s in-ring career in WWE is quite uncertain at this point, especially after that squash finale against Solo Sikoa.

John Cena is arguably the biggest superstar WWE has ever produced, but the current Peacemaker actor’s losing streak is bigger than Roman’s championship reign.

Cena returned to WWE a couple of months ago and participated in a pay-per-view match after WrestleMania 39, where Austin Theory defeated the superstar. He then joined hands with Theory in the recent past to face The Bloodline at Fastlane 2023.

The 16-time champion is going through a bad time for the last few years, as he has not won a singles match since 2018. His last victory in a singles match was against Triple H in 2018.

Cena appeared for his last scheduled WWE match during the current run during Crown Jewel 2023, where he was crushed by Sikoa, facing one of the biggest losses of his career.

With his recent defeat and frequent talks of retirement, the question of what’s next for the WWE superstar remains.

John Cena is expected to return to Hollywood and focus on his film career. For sure, Cena is not retiring after his defeat against Solo but it gives him a reason to take the time off and go back to his Hollywood commitments.

Will John Cena return to Hollywood?

Will John Cena return to Hollywood?
John Cena in Fast and Furious | Source: IMDb

After his crushing defeat to Sikoa, Cena shared a picture of football legend David Beckham from his final match in May 2013 as a Paris St. Germain player. Fans quickly speculated that he is indicating his retirement via the post.

It seems like Cena is prepared to retire from WWE, so there’s no doubt that he will be focusing on his film career after saying goodbye to pro wrestling.

Cena returned to WWE a couple of months ago after he was granted permission by the Screen Actors Guild to take part in WWE events while Hollywood faced the SAG-AFTRA strike.

After his match at Fastlane, where he teamed up with LA Knight to defeat The Bloodline, Cena mentioned that he would like to return to Hollywood when the SAG-AFTRA strike ends. He was working on a new project when the strike began so he would like to get back to it as soon as possible.

However, the SAG-AFTRA strike is still ongoing, and there’s no indication as to when it might end. At an alternative scenario, John Cena could remain in WWE for a little more time, until the strike is over.

Given his recent crushing defeat and increasingly mediocre in-ring performances, it will not be surprising if Cena decides to end his career after Crown Jewel. He has a busy schedule in Hollywood, so it would not be a good idea to risk his health either.

Why Will John Cena Retire After Crown Jewel?

John Cena may want to semi-retire after Crown Jewel because he wants to focus on his film career now, especially since he has been doing well in Hollywood. He hasn’t won a singles match in WWE for over half a decade, so it is time for him to retire after an illustrious pro wrestling career.

Cena’s match against the rising superstar Solo Sikoa at Crown Jewel could be the perfect match to mark an end to Cena’s illustrious pro wrestling career. It will give a boost to Sikoa’s career and make way for Cena’s retirement.

Will John Cena return to Hollywood?
John Cena vs Solo Sikoa | Source: WWE

Sikoa has been booked since his main roster debut and is considered a potential challenger for superstars like Roman Reigns. Since John Cena has been hinting at retirement for a while now, this might be the best time, as it will strengthen Sikoa’s position in WWE.

If we look at the superstars Cena has worked with during his current WWE run, they are mostly rising superstars who need a boost, such as LA Knight, Solo Sikoa, and Austin Theory.

Therefore, his retirement from WWE should be in order to boost a rising superstar like Sikoa. The timing is perfect since Cena wanted to return to Hollywood for a while now.

Can John Cena Continue His WWE Run?

John Cena is unlikely to continue his WWE run especially after his big defeat at Crown Jewel. At the most, he can continue his WWE run for a little longer, only until the SAG-AFTRA strike in Hollywood is over.

If Cena continues, he must remain a dreaded enemy of WWE’s upcoming heels and also face other rising stars, who might get a boost in their career after facing Cena. He has elevated The Bloodline and Knight already, with his presence on Smackdown and Raw.

John Cena is also one of the most bankable stars in WWE, as he continues to boost TV viewership, ticket sales and merchandise sales. So, if he sticks around, WWE has several options to intensify his storyline.

However, Cena’s days in WWE will end soon as he will return to Hollywood as soon as the strike is over. So, WWE should make the most out of whatever time is left.

A natural fit for Cena’s next opponent could be Grayson Waller from Smackdown. He is associated with Cena’s former rival, Austin Theory and also has the charisma and power to face a superstar like Cena.

Other future opponents of Cena include any member of The Judgement Day, Gunther, Bronson Reed or Imperium. Even a match against Cody Rhodes, who has lobbied for a match with Cena for a while, could be a good option.

We have to wait and watch whether John Cena decides to say goodbye or stay for a while until Hollywood sorts out its issues.

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