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Why you should watch Chopsticks?

Abhay Deol is probably the most talented Deol. It explains how he has a knack of making you watch something even as sloppy as Chopsticks. Directed by Sachin Yardi, the film stars Deol alongside internet star Mithila Palkar. The story is of an under-confident, timid girl coming into her own when she loses her brand new i10 and hires a con-man to find it. If you think that I’ve given you the crux of an action drama, filled with a few interesting chase sequences, humor and a slice of life touch, then I implore you to watch the film and write back to me in the comments.

‘Chopsticks’ serves as a perfect example of everything that can go wrong while making a light, new-age, made for an online audience film. It lacks the ability to keep you engaged from the moment it starts and five minutes into the film, instead of being invested in Mithila’s character, you’re probably scrolling through your Instagram feed. Mithila still has her girl next door charm but it has been overused to the point of ‘aren’t women more than just the girl next door?’. Then there’s the ever-brooding Deol. As a sophisticated con-artist, Deol wants to add more but it seems like the writers really didn’t.

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Throughout the film, the writers and the director want you to assume that the characters have layers but never actually give them one. There are plots. There are characters. There are momentarily entertaining introduction scenes. Then they are all left hanging. There is, of course, Vijay Raaz, who as a gangster with a goat, (yes! It’s a beautiful setup that proceeds to fail not so beautifully) does nothing more than fill in gaps where the writers couldn’t think of anything else. His character is drab, dry, and rushed as are the other familiar faces who are all in forgetful and inconsequential roles.

Overall, Chopsticks has nothing exciting to offer. It lacks depth, doesn’t connect despite a good idea and a decent star-cast and can totally be skipped for a better, much handy alternative- a fork or a better film, maybe.

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