The Real Reason Why Percy Jackson Chooses Grover Underwood to Join Him

Percy Jackson is finally ready to embark on his first quest as a demigod in this week’s episode of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. In other words, we’re about to get to the good part.

Percy Jackson episode 3 sees Percy choosing two friends to accompany him on his quest to retrieve Zeus’ stolen lightning bolt thereby preventing a war between the gods. Usually, choosing friends to come with you is an easy task, but there’s a twist in the tale. 

The Oracle of Delphi’s prophecy for Percy warns him about being betrayed by one ‘who calls him friend.’ Therefore, the kid must pick his companions carefully and not choose anyone whom he doesn’t trust with his life.

Percy chooses Grover Underwood, his best friend in the series, and Annabeth Chase, his classmate at Camp Half-Blood and the daughter of Athena. But is he sure that Grover and Annabeth won’t betray him? Why did he choose Grover and not Luke?

All your questions will be resolved once you give this article a read!

1. Why Does Percy Choose Grover on his Quest?

Percy chooses Grover to join him on his quest as he trusts him with his life. Grover also promised Percy’s mother to protect him, and he has been friends with Percy for a while.

 The Real Reason Why Percy Jackson Chooses Grover Underwood to Join Him
Grover | Source: IMDb

We see that Percy is quite agitated after hearing the prophecy about one of his friends betraying him. He wants to be sure of the people he chooses to accompany him, and he doesn’t trust anyone more than Grover.

Grover has been with Percy for a long time, as they’ve been friends even before Percy came to Camp Half-Blood. Therefore, Grover is an easy choice when Percy needs someone he can trust.

Moreover, Grover is a satyr who has been assigned to be the protector of Percy. It is his duty to protect Percy under all circumstances, which makes him the perfect companion to Percy on his quest.

In other words, there is no one at Camp Half-Blood that Percy can trust more than Grover. He chooses Grover because he tries to decipher the Oracle’s words about his friend betraying him. He knows Grover can never let him down.

However, the words of the Oracle can never be fully understood. Heroes have suffered in the past by trying to interpret and form preconceived notions about the Oracle’s words. The upcoming episodes of Percy Jackson will make this clearer.

2. Does Grover betray Percy?

As per the books, Grover does not betray Percy. He keeps his promise, protects Percy throughout the quest, and remains a true friend.

If we go by the books, Grover is definitely not the ‘friend’ Oracle referred to. The series has been quite faithful to the books so far, so I don’t think they’ll make such drastic changes in the story.

3. Why does Percy choose Annabeth on his quest?

Percy chooses Annabeth as he knows Annabeth does not consider him a friend, and the Oracle’s prophecy foretold that a friend would betray him. Since he doesn’t see Annabeth and him being friends, he chooses her on the quest.

 The Real Reason Why Percy Jackson Chooses Grover Underwood to Join Him
Percy and Annabeth | Source: IMDb

Moreover, Annabeth is one of the best warriors at Camp Half-Blood and also the daughter of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. She is the Hermione in the Percy, Grover, and Annabeth trio.

Naturally, the boys need her intelligence and presence of mind to be successful on the quest.

The upcoming episodes will highlight whether Percy made the right choices and how Annabeth and Grover help him on his mission.

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4. About Percy Jackson And The Olympians

Percy Jackson And The Olympians is an upcoming Disney+ show which will follow the events of the book series of the same name by Rick Riordan. The fantasy action series is now in production.

The series will follow each of the five books in the fantasy novel series, covering one book per season. The first season will follow Percy Jackson, who just discovered he is a demigod and son of Poseidon, Greek God of the Sea; Annabeth Chase, the daughter of Athena; and the brave satyr Grover. The first season follows the teens across states as they go on a quest to save Percy’s mother from Hades.

The series stars Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson, Leah Sava Jeffries as Annabeth Chase, Aryan Simhadri as Grover, Virginia Kull as Saly Jackson, Charlie Bushnell as Luke Castellan, Dior Goodjohn as Clarisse LaRue, and more.

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