Jey Uso Walks Out of WWE: Is it a real exit or a storyline twist?

Jey Uso stunned the WWE Universe on this week’s Smackdown when he super kicked Roman Reigns, his brother Jimmy, and Solo Sikoa before announcing that he was quitting WWE.

The former tag team champion walked out of the arena, leaving a trail of questions and speculation. Many fans are wondering if Jey Uso has actually quit WWE or not. The answer is most likely no.

Jey Uso is not permanently quitting WWE. His announcement is probably part of a storyline to build up more drama and tension between him, Jimmy, and Roman. Jey has also not been released by WWE and is still under contract with the company.

He has also been moved to the alumni section on WWE’s website, but it is common practice for wrestlers taking a break from TV or being involved in an angle.

For your convenience, I have put together all the drama related to Jey Uso’s storyline in one article! Let’s talk about Jey Uso’s rivalry with Roman Reigns, why he left WWE, and if he’ll ever make a comeback!

1. Jey’s Rivalry with Roman Reigns Explained

Jey Uso has been involved in a heated rivalry with Roman Reigns, the Undisputed Universal Champion, since last year. He challenged Roman twice for the title but failed to dethrone the Tribal Chief.

He then joined forces with Roman and formed The Bloodline, a dominant faction that ruled over Smackdown. After returning from injury, Jimmy Uso also aligned with Roman, and The Usos became the Undisputed Tag Team Champions.

Why did Jey Uso walk out of WWE? Will he return?
Jey Uso and Roman Reigns | Source: WWE

However, things started to fall apart for The Bloodline after The Usos lost the tag titles to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn at WrestleMania 39. Roman blamed The Usos for their loss and demanded loyalty from them.

The Usos rebelled against Roman and defeated him and Solo Sikoa at Money in the Bank. Jey then earned a title shot against Roman at SummerSlam 2023, where Jimmy betrayed him. He came out of nowhere, pulled him out of the ring and kicked him. Roman speared Jey through a table and retained his title.

After losing at SummerSlam, Jey Uso appeared on Smackdown and confronted Roman Reigns. He accused Roman of manipulating him and his brother and said that he was done with WWE.

He then delivered a superkick to Roman, followed by another one to Jimmy and Solo Sikoa. He grabbed a microphone and said that he was quitting WWE before leaving the ring. All of it was intentionally portrayed to create more drama and intensify the rivalry. This will help the storyline develop more in the coming years.

2. Why Jey Uso Quit WWE

As I mentioned above, Jey Uso has not permanently quit WWE. He will likely return to the ring soon. However, there are several potential reasons behind such an announcement.

Firstly, it was done to create more drama and build the rivalry between him and Roman Reigns and his brother Jimmy Uso. Jey made this announcement after being betrayed by his own brother, Jimmy, in the SummerSlam 2023.

There’s also the added pressure of him being in The Bloodline with Roman Reigns. Taking an impulsive decision at this point only adds to the drama and adrenaline rush for the fans.

Moreover, it might not even be as serious as we think. Jey had walked out of the ring a couple of months before in Royal Rumble but returned soon after. I think Jey will soon make a smashing comeback, which will give a new twist to this storyline.

Why did Jey Uso walk out of WWE? Will he return?
Jey Uso | Source: WWE

He might return either to face Jimmy in a grudge match or to challenge Roman for the Undisputed Universal Championship.

It could also be a part of a storyline to bring Rikishi, Jimmy and Jey’s father and WWE Hall of Famer, into the saga. Rikishi is also the Former WWE Intercontinental Champion and has been dropping stories in support of his son Jey ever since he began competing with Roman Reigns.

Rikishi might show up on Smackdown to fix the problem with The Usos or to confront Roman Reigns. This will add even more suspense to the storyline and pave the way for a smashing return of Jey Uso.

3. When and how will Jey Uso return to WWE?

Jey Uso might be off TV for a few weeks or months, depending on how WWE plans to progress the storyline. He could also make a surprise appearance at an upcoming pay-per-view event or show.

When he returns, he will most likely face Jimmy Uso in a grudge match or team up with him to challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed Universal Championship.

Roman Reigns is also expected to take some time off from TV after SummerSlam 2023. He is not advertised for any upcoming shows or events until Survivor Series 2023. He might make occasional appearances via video or satellite, but he will not be wrestling in any matches.

Roman Reigns is a part-time performer who only competes in big matches or events. He will likely have a new opponent when he returns to action.

Jey Uso’s shocking announcement on Smackdown has added more intrigue and excitement to the ongoing saga of The Bloodline. Fans are eager to see how the story unfolds and what happens next between Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, and Roman Reigns.

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