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Where Do Nobles Live In Assassin’s Pride?

The world of Assassin’s Pride is quite a fascinating addition to the fantasy genre in anime.

In a world plagued by eternal darkness, humanity’s struggle to survive shines the brightest as they settle in structures like glass domes lit by chandeliers in hopes of protecting themselves from the monstrous children of the night – the Lancanthropes.

Therefore, it is important to understand the setting and interplay of classes within the world to better understand the anime.

We’ll attempt to answer questions such as where do the nobles live? Why is the world dark? What is the living situation of humans?

1. Quick Answer

The nobles live in the city-state of Flandore, which is lit with chandeliers and is protected from the Night World by glass domes. Due to the disappearance of the sun, moon, and stars – the world outside is engulfed in darkness.

2. Where do Nobles Live?

The nobles and commoners alike live in Flandore, which are glass domes that are connected by a railway system that passes through a network of glass tubes.

Flandore mainly consists of 25 glass domes called canbells that are suspended in the air. The world inside is termed as the world ‘within the lantern’ for obvious reasons. Each of these canbells consists of a city block.

One of the canbells has St. Friedeswiedes Academy for Girls, which Melida and Elise attend. Another Canbell is the Glassmond Palace, where the Luna Lumiere Selection tournament is staged. Transportation between these glass domes is available via the railways and carriages, and the entire structure of Flandore appears to look like an upturned chandelier.

The glass domes have a device that prevents attacks from Lancanthropes and keeps the borders safe. It is the anomaly in these devices at the end of season one that has caused an alarm within the city-state of Flandore.

3. Why is the World Dark?

The sun, moon, and stars have disappeared from the sky, leaving the world in eternal darkness. Humanity has sheltered itself from this darkness and the Lancanthropes that thrive in this world by creating glass domes lit with chandeliers to make a habitable settlement.

What are Lancanthropes and their Classes?

It is unknown why their world has arrived at a stage where there are no sun, moon, or stars. The world outside engulfed in darkness is called the Night World, and survival is truly for the fittest.

what are lancanthrope and their classes

Kufa’s Vampire Form

The Night World is infested with Lancanthropes and therefore is considered the domain of the Lancanthropes, dominated by the highest-ranking class – the Vampires.

Vampires live in the city of Luxvanilla in the outside world. Kufa Vampir’s past is dominated by his struggles to survive in the dark world full of monsters with his mother.

4. What is the living situation of humans?

The power politics within Flandore is cognisant with those who possess high ranking Mana power. Flandore is structured within a monarchical system with aristocrat families that monopolize privilege and power.

It is divided into nobles and commoners who can be differentiated based on their powers and capabilities. Noble families are defined by their mana capabilities and potency, which they have maintained within their family.

Will Melida become a Paladin?

The noble families originally got their mana from Lancanthropes such as Vampires, which they use to kill Lancanthropes itself. There is a definite power divide between the lower ranks and the higher ranks termed as the ‘unpassable wall.’

The mana capabilities of the noble families far exceed those of the commoners despite having the same skill set and experience.

The fact that Melida’s grandfather wanted her killed if she turned out to be an illegitimate child speaks volumes of the elitism maintained within the world.

Lancanthropes are viewed with hostility, which is why Kufa Vampir had to hide his true parentage. Half-Lancanthropes are treated with harsh discrimination for being ‘dirtied’ by the creatures of the Night World.

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5. About Assassin’s Pride

Assassin’s Pride is a Japanese light novel series written by Kei Amagi and illustrated by Nino Ninomoto. A manga adaptation of it drawn by Yoshie Kato began serializing in Shueisha’s seinen magazine Ultra Jump from May 2017. The light novel has 11 volumes, whereas the manga has 5.

Humanity has settled within a city-state called Flandore to protect themselves from the monstrous Lancanthropes. Within this kingdom, a noble girl Melida Angel’s legitimacy, is questioned when she is unable to manifest mana like her noble counterparts. Kufa Vampir, an assassin, is assigned as her tutor to investigate her parentage secretly and to kill her if she turns out to be illegitimate.

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