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Types of Devil Fruits

One Piece is riddled with fascinating adventures, unique people and mysterious things such as Devil Fruits. Devil Fruits play a significant role in the world of One Piece. They are the fruits of the Sea Devil found in abundance near the Grand Line but sparse and rare further away from it.

From the fruits which literally transforms every part of your body into fire to the ones that can give you the power of a phoenix; we have seen tonnes of these fruits. This, in turn, raises A LOT of questions about them, and this article will address them. The world of One Piece is vast and effectively layered so we have attempted to provide a succinct piece on them.

One Piece 678 - Sabo Eats The Flare Flare Fruit
Sabo getting Ace’s Devil Fruit

1. Quick Answer

Devil Fruits are broadly categorised into three types: Zoan, Logia and Paramecia. The Devil Fruits grow naturally but artificial Zoan type Devil Fruits have also been developed.

2. What Is a Devil Fruit?

The Devil Fruit blesses the consumer with different abilities that depend on the type of fruit ingested. They provide a wide range of abilities that may or may not have equal standing in terms of power. But this does not weaken a character by default – something that the show has clarified on several occasions. As the protagonist, Luffy, rightfully says, “Power isn’t determined by your size but the size of your hearts and dreams”.

3. Devil Fruits Types

I. Zoan

The Zoan type Devil Fruit provides the user with the ability to transform into an animal and acquire every trait affiliated to that specific animal. The user can assume three forms: the original form,  a human-animal hybrid, or a twin-beast hybrid. Additionally, this Devil Fruit encompasses prehistoric animals like dinosaurs and mythological creatures. The carnivores have more physical strength than the herbivores amongst the Zoan users.

The Zoans are further classified into:

A. Normal Zoan

The power is modelled after an ordinary species. There is Tori Tori no Mi (bird), Inu Inu no Mi (dog), and Hito Hito no Mi (Human). Fun Fact – Oda says that if one consumes Hito Hito no Mi – they gain high intelligence.

B. Ancient Zoan

Although not fully explored, the power is modelled after ancient beasts. Eg. X-Drake’s Devil Fruit is hinted to have a dinosaur model.

Kaidou’s Zoan

C. Mythical Zoan

It is modelled after a mythical creature and gives its user extra abilities. There is the Tori Tori no Mi model (Phoenix) whose fire has healing tendencies and Hito Hito no Mi (Daibutsu).

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Users: Tony Tony Chopper (Hito Hito no Mi), X Drake (Ryu Ryu no Mi Model: Allosaurus), Catarina Devon (Inu Inu no Mi Model: Kyubi no Kitsune which allows her to transform into a nine-tailed fox)  etc.

Strengths: This ability is perfect for close combat. In their hybrid form, the users can enhance their senses to their advantage.

Weaknes: They usually depend on fighting instincts to win battles but have to master a wide variety of skills to climb the ladder in terms of strength.

II. Logia

The Logia type is the rarest of the three Devil Fruits. It allows the user to transform into elements – be it solid, liquid or gas. The user can also materialize abstract concepts such as darkness into existence (Yami Yami no Mi). It includes almost all-natural phenomenon with the exception of water which is meant to be the weakness of Devil Fruit.

The users gain the properties of the elements along with their abilities. For instance, the user with the ability to become lightning can travel through objects as electricity does. They are able to disperse, control and rejoin any part of their body under a conscious state while in control of their power.  They also have control over the mobility of these separated body parts.

Users: Ace (Mera Mera no Mi which uses the element of fire), Monet (Yuki Yuki no Mi which uses the element of snow) Blackbeard (Yami Yami no Mi which uses darkness) etc.

Luffy vs Enel (2018)
God Enel’s Logia

Strengths: They can create, control and transform their bodies into elements. They are also able to separate their bodies and rejoin them. This ability is effectively used in battle.

Weakness: As they assume properties of elements, this would mean that some elements don’t work against other elements as per chemistry. For example, lightning against rubber. The users also find it hard to recover from blows to their physical body.

III. Paramecia

Paramecia is the most common of all Devil Fruits and it offers a varied range of abilities – alteration of the body, affecting or modification of their environment and/or production of substances like wax or poison.

It grants its users superhuman physical abilities – even those as unique as scoping/ zooming or shock wave generation. Other Devil Fruits alter the features of the user’s body such as giving them the constitution of rubber as seen by Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi or even blades. They can also manipulate people, objects and the landscape around the user. For example, there are people who can levitate objects in the anime.

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The power manifests itself in two aspects: properties within the body (elasticity or slowness) or creation of objects with body parts (doors). Paramecia has some interesting powers to share with its users. One of which is manipulation of one’s soul or even something as resourceful as food production. Some of the abilities have little to no combat value and also vary in terms of requiring or not requiring self-activation.

Doflamingo's Devil Fruit Awakening & Luffy's Gear Fourth
Doflamingo’s Paramecia Awakening

The Gura Gura no Mi is said to be the strongest Paramecia-type Devil Fruit. It is currently in the possession of Blackbeard. The Gura Gura no Mi has the ability to create earthquakes.

Users: Luffy (Gomu Gomu no Mi which alters his body’s properties into rubber), Trafalgar Law (Ope Ope no Mi which allows him to create a spherical territory with a blue aura),  Buggy (Bara Bara no Mi where he can separate and control his body parts) etc.

Strengths: Some of the strongest characters in the series are Paramecia users. It allows the physically weak to overcome stronger opponents through the creative use of their powers.

Weakness: The users run the risk of getting a useless ability or one that has little combat value.

4. Natural and Artificial Devil Fruits

The conventional classification of the Devil Fruits is based on the abilities it grants. But another important classification one needs to consider is on the basis of its growth or authenticity.

Natural Devil Fruits are born or reborn naturally. If a Devil Fruit user dies, their Devil Fruit is reborn into a similar-looking fruit. These Devil Fruits appear as the transformed version of a normal fruit. For example, the Yami Yami no Mi resembles grapes while the Ito Ito no Mi resembles a pear. A characteristic trait of these transformed Devil Fruits is the curled stem and the change in its colour.


Artificial Devil Fruits are concocted with various ingredients, most notably SAD. These ingredients are only known to Caesar Clown and are manufactured with his approval. These Devil Fruits known as SMILEs are Zoan-type that were created by Donquixote Doflamingo and Caesar Clown. These were consumed by the Beasts Pirates – a nefarious pirate crew led by Kaido – who were later classified as the “Gifted”. The effectiveness of these Devil Fruits however, can be put to question since only one in ten Devil Fruits are able to grant abilities of animal transformation.

Users: Gazelleman, Ginrummy, Rabbitman etc.

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5. Plot

One Piece follows the adventures of Monkey D Luffy after he accidentally eats a Devil Fruit that gives his body rubber-like properties. Inspired by his childhood idol and the powerful Shanks – Luffy sets to explore the Grand Line to find the ultimate treasure called “One Piece” to establish himself as the King of Pirates. In the process of this, Luffy creates the Straw Hat Pirates crew with people he encounters on his journey cementing the role of friendship in this wildly engaging story.

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