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Should I watch The Perfect Date – on Netflix?

The Perfect Date is like bad wine in a fancy new bottle with a sellable face pasted on it. It’s available on Netflix. Internet’s boyfriend Noah Centineo is back with another love story, but alas the charm completely flips this time.
However, unlike Centineo’s previous mediocre ventures, this one takes a plunge into the below-average section.

The story is about an ambitious teenager who wants to go to Yale, (and somehow that’s a bad thing according to this movie)while having no connections and an average background. He starts a chaperone/date for a night app with his nerdy best friend. Then low and behold, he discovers his true self and his real ambitions. If the plot-line wasn’t enough to put you off immediately, then the amateur cast most certainly will.

Centineo’s character never comes across as clueless or struggling with an existential dilemma. This despite the fact that the writers want to force feed you ‘the lost boy’ philosophy every chance they get. Then there’s a superficial ‘complicated’ love-story to attract the millennials. Unfortunately, the target audience has access to better things now.

guy asking a girl out for a date

Eventually, you realize that the makers just wanted to cash in on the popularity of Centineo. So much so that they actually forgot to write a coherent script. The Perfect Date is promoted as a techy love story.
considering the film mentions the app in the start with a subsequent montage and then completely forgets it.

Usually, no matter how bad, Netflix manages to bring out binge-worthy new age love stories time and again that one can enjoy with a tub of ice cream on a lonely weekend (not that I had that… just saying)… The Perfect Date is a big fail in that department. Nothing about the film makes it watchable. Not Noah Centineo’s over-used public personality. Not the filmmaker’s clever move to trick you into watching trash content. There’s nothing perfect about this date. Nothing.

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