Palworld’s latest update introduces first raid boss called Bellanoir


  • Palworld recently released its update It is currently only available for Steam users.
  • The update will introduce Palworld’s first raid boss called Bellanoid, a fierce humanoid creature.
  • Palworld has also added some anti-cheat preventive measures to take action against fraudulent activity.

After Palworld’s immediate success, developers Pocketpair have been quick to release updates, tweaking the game and adding more content. Other than that, the team has also enforced anti-cheat measures.

Palworld recently released its update which will introduce the first raid boss called Bellanoir. Along with this, the update adds anti-cheat preventions, UI tweaks, and much more.

Palworld’s latest update introduces first raid boss called Bellanoir
Palworld Update | Source: Twitter

To spawn Bellanoir, players must build a Summoning Altar after reaching level 33. Once the building is ready, you can summon Bellanoir using a slab. Keep in mind, you will need four of Bellanoir’s Slab Fragments to craft the slab. They can be found in treasure chests scattered across Mineshafts, Wildlife Sanctuary Islands, and Dungeons below level 45.

Developers are planning to use the same summoning method for all raid bosses in Palworld. Bellanoir will have an alternate version called Bellanoir Libero who can also be summoned using a slab. Raid bosses cannot be captured but are intended to serve as a challenge for players.

Pocketpair has also addressed a vulnerability which allowed third-parties to steal others’ accounts by connecting to official servers. Apart from this, the team has also added some more anti-cheat measures.

Update is currently only available for Steam players. Xbox and Xbox Game Pass users will receive the update a while later. There’s more in store for Palworld fans as developers promise a “larger, more content-packed” update arriving this summer.

Here are some highlights from Palworld’s update

  • You can summon Raid Boss Pals by using slabs at the new Summoning Altar
  • Pals Eggs can drop after defeating Raid Boss Pals.
  • Implemented the first Raid Boss
  • The “extreme” version of the Raid Boss is incredibly powerful and difficult to defeat
  • New “Training Manual” items have been added.
  • New item “Ancient Technical Manual” has been added.
  • New “Recovery Meds” items have been added.
  • New building “Electric Egg Incubator” has been added.
  • New building “Ore Mining Site” has been added.

Check out the complete patch notes here.

About Palworld

Palworld is an action-adventure, survival, and monster-taming game created and published by Japanese developer Pocket Pair. The game is set in an open world populated with animal-like creatures called “Pals”, which players can battle and capture to use for base building, traversal, and combat. Palworld can be played either solo or online with up to 32 players on one server. It was announced in 2021 and launched through early access for Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in January 2024.

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