How To Train Your Dragon Live-Action Version Will Have its Own Magic, Says Parker


  • Actor Nico Parker reveals that the live-action remake of How to Train Your Dragon will have its own identity and be a mere remake of the original. 
  • The live-action remake has the potential to be grander and more epic than the original as Dean Deblois is helming the project himself. Bill Pope has been roped in as the cinematographer. 

Nico Parker, who stars in the live-action version of How to Train Your Dragon reveals if the live-action remake will be faithful to the original animated film. 

The live-action remake will star Mason Thomas as Hiccup and Parker as Astrid. It will be directed by one behind the original animated version, Dean DeBlois. Gerald Butler will reprise his role as Hiccup’s father, Stoick the Vast. The tentative release date for the live-action version is June 25, 2025. 

How To Train Your Dragon Live-Action Version Will Have its Own Magic, Says Parker
How to Train Your Dragon Animated Version | Source: Official Website

In a recent interview with Collider [ ], Parker shared her experience of filming for the live-action remake. She mentioned that she is having a great time on set and explained how the remake will have its own identity instead of being a frame-to-frame remake of the 2010 animated version. 

Here’s the entire quote: 

I think it’s very much its own thing, but I’d like to think so much of that magic is also prevalent in this one. But I think it’s its own film, and it’s its own interpretation and everyone has their own version of a character. It’s important not to get too wrapped up, especially because the animated ones are so brilliant. It’s like, let’s not try and just do a play by play of that. And if anyone wants that, they can watch the animated ones. I think it’ll be wonderful, and if it isn’t, I’m having a wonderful time making it anyway. I’ll think it’s wonderful, no matter what.

Live-action remakes in the recent past have been vastly criticized for their lack of own identity, especially with Disney trying to maximize their profits by making adaptations of their animated classics without any change in the story. 

However, the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ remake has the potential to be different and deliver a more fulfilling experience than the original story. Since DeBlois himself is directing it, he can translate his vision on a much grander scale and yet not ruin the essence of the original. 

How To Train Your Dragon Live-Action Version Will Have its Own Magic, Says Parker
Dean Deblois | Source: IMDb

Cinematographer Bill Pope has also come on board to give life to DeBlois’ vision. Pope is known for his work in The Matrix trilogy, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films and other projects including The World’s End, Baby Driver and Scott Pilgrim vs The World. 

DeBlois recently shared a photo indicating the film going into production, which featured a clapperboard. This confirms the use of IMAX cameras, guaranteeing an even more epic experience. 

The ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ trilogy has earned almost $1.6 billion at the box office and is one of DreamWorks’ most successful franchises of all time. If the live-action remake of the first film does well at the box office, DreamWorks is bound to greenlight remakes of the second and third installments. 

We’ll keep you updated on more details as and when they drop. 

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About How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon is an American media franchise from DreamWorks Animation and loosely based on the eponymous series of children’s books by British author Cressida Cowell.

It consists of three feature films: How to Train Your Dragon (2010), How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014), and How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019).

The franchise also contains five short films: Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon (2010), Book of Dragons (2010), Gift of the Night Fury (2011), Dawn of the Dragon Racers (2014), and How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming (2019). A live-action reboot from Universal Pictures is in development and scheduled for release in 2025.

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