Dates for Upcoming Xbox Developer Direct Revealed; Event to take place in January


  • Two leakers have revealed the date for the upcoming Xbox Developer Direct, both pointing towards mid to late January.
  • Xbox is yet to announce an official date but it’s likely to be held in Jan like last year.
  • Xbox Developer Direct 2024 might feature Towerborne and Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 among other upcoming games.

The Xbox Developer Direct gives us a profound look at the action which goes on behind the scenes of remarkable titles. The first event was held on January 25th last year where Microsoft held a dedicated show for The Elder Scrolls Online. Now that we have ventured into a new year, rumors have started going around about the next Xbox Developer Direct.

Reddit user @Zantorn revealed that Xbox Developer Direct will be taking place in the week of January 14. Although the user did not attach any evidence to strengthen their claim, they did correctly predict the dates for two Nintendo Directs.

Responding to this leak, Insider Gaming also reported that an Xbox event will indeed be held in the next few weeks. If the reports are true, Xbox should be announcing it officially any time now. Xbox Developer Direct will be available to watch on Twitch and YouTube.

Meanwhile, prominent leaker @eXtas1stv shared what appears to be a promotional image for Xbox Developer Direct 2024. According to the image, the event will be held on January 25th at 12 pm PT. You can spot developers like Ninja Theory, Obsidian, Stoic Studios, and Oxide in the photo.

According to rumors, there might be a shadow drop planned, something like Hi-Fi Rush. Stoic Studio’s Towerborne and Ninja Theory’s Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 are also rumored to make an appearance at the upcoming Xbox Developer Direct.

Microsoft also recently launched an Xbox Series S toaster with 6 different settings. Here’s the fun part– the toaster engraves an Xbox logo onto your bread! The toasters can be bought from your nearest Walmart for just $40 USD.

Although the agenda of the event is unclear, Microsoft might showcase trailers for its upcoming games. Make sure to watch out for any official announcements by Xbox because who knows, there might even be a surprise launch in store for you!

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