The Return of the King: Bobby Axelrod is back from Exile in Billions S7

Bobby Axelrod is back with a bang in Billions season 7 and we’re all wondering how and why.

In the end of season 5, Axe was outsmarted by Mike Prince, who bought his hedge fund, bank and company after teaming up with his rival, Chuck Rhoades. To escape prison, Axe had to flee to Switzerland.

Axe does not appear in season 6, and there were no hints about his return either. However, he is back for some action in the financial drama’s seventh and final season.

Bobby Axelrod is back as he was able to get out of his legal troubles by helping Ukraine against Russia. He got the support of the US and EU government for his work, which enabled him to return to NYC to reclaim his empire.

Now, we’ll have to wait and watch if he will be able to reclaim his empire from Mike Prince, who desires to run for President.

Why Bobby Axelrod Left Billions

Bobby Axelrod’s character left the series in the end of season 5, after being outsmarted by his rival, Michael Prince.

Prince bought out his hedge fund, bank, and carbon company in exchange for immunity from prosecution. He also cooperated with Chuck Rhoades, the State Attorney General, and Axe’s biggest rival over the years.

How did Bobby Axelrod return in Billions season 7?
Axe and Chuck | Source: IMDb

Rhoades had gathered enough evidence to arrest Axe and seize his assets. So, Axe was forced to flee to Switzerland to avoid arrest for money laundering and other crimes. He took the help of Mike Prince, unaware that he was helping Chuck.

Axe also loses his chance to be with Wendy Rhoades, his lover and former psychiatrist, who refuses to join him in exile. Axe is left alone and defeated in a foreign country, while Prince takes over his empire and becomes Chuck’s new enemy.

Does Bobby Axelrod appear in Billions season 6?

No, Bobby Axelrod does not appear in Billions season 6. He only returns in the show’s seventh and final season’s premiere.

After Bobby Axelrod left Billions, season 6 shifted the focus on the new head of Axe Capital, Mike Prince. He has a different vision and style for the company, which causes some conflicts and changes among the employees.

How did Bobby Axelrod return in Billions season 7?
Mike Prince to Run for President | Source: IMDb

He also has a secret ambition to become the President of the United States, which he tries to achieve by launching a social initiative called Mike Money, which aims to combat income inequality. However, he faces opposition from Chuck Rhoades, who is convinced that no one should have that much wealth or power.

Chuck is determined to expose and stop Prince’s plans, using his legal skills and connections. He also has to deal with his own personal and professional issues, such as his divorce from Wendy, his strained relationship with his father, and his loss of authority as the former Attorney General.

Billions season 6 focuses on the rise of Mike Prince, and he officially begins working towards his goal of becoming the President of the United States in the season 7 premiere. At this point, Bobby Axelrod makes a comeback in the series.

How did Bobby Axelrod return to New York?

Bobby Axelrod is back in New York in the Billions season 7 premiere because he managed to escape the legal troubles that forced him to flee to Switzerland at the end of season 5.

How did Bobby Axelrod return in Billions season 7?
Bobby Axelrod Returns | Source: IMDb

Axe used his political connections and influence to deliver anti-tank weapons to Ukraine during its conflict with Russia. He managed to secure the delivery of javelin anti-tanks, which are advanced and effective weapons that can destroy enemy tanks and armored vehicles.

He did this early in the conflict, which gave Ukraine an advantage and a chance to defend itself. He also earned the gratitude and protection of the U.S. and E.U. governments, who supported Ukraine’s sovereignty and opposed Russia’s aggression.

This was a strategic move by Axe, who used his wealth and power to intervene in a global crisis and gain favor from powerful allies. His main motive was to use this as a way to escape the legal troubles that forced him to flee to Switzerland at the end of season 5.

He hoped that by helping Ukraine, he would be able to return to New York and resume his business and personal affairs. However, he now has to face new challenges.

Michael Prince is the owner of Axe’s empire now and he is running for president. Axe is determined to take down Prince and reclaim his empire in the new season. He reunites with Wendy, Wags, and Taylor in London, where he plans to take down Prince and reclaim his empire.

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