Honkai Star Rail announces new features– Divergent Universe, Apocalyptic Shadow


  • Honkai Star Rail announced upcoming features in the latest Voice of the Galaxy Developer Radio post. 
  • There will be a new permanent game mode called Apocalyptic Shadow which will be released in v2.3.
  • The Simulated Universe will undergo massive overhauls in the form of “Divergent Universe.”

Honkai Star Rail v2.2 will include two new features and endgame content coming soon. Developers recently revealed more details about the upcoming additions in the Voice of the Galaxy Developer Radio series.

The latest Voice of the Galaxy Developer Radio edition announced that a Simulated Universe Major Update will be released with v2.3. It will feature massive overhauls to the existing simulation. HoYoverse has also confirmed a new permanent game mode called Apocalyptic Shadow. 

In Apocalyptic Shadow, Trailblazers will face materializations of the Finality and defeat bosses they have beaten before. These opponents will be different from Regular enemy bosses. However, you can know more by reading their enemy’s traits before the match begins.

There will be some scheduling shifts due to the addition of Apocalyptic Shadow. Two weeks after Apocalyptic Shadow is updated, a new Pure Fiction phase will commence. Two weeks later, a new Memory of Chaos phase will begin.

Apocalyptic Shadow will introduce a team setup function optimization where players can compose teams in advance. You can switch characters by dragging and dropping them.

The Simulated Universe will undergo a major gameplay update in the form of “Divergent Universe”. There will be several combinations between Blessings whereas Curios will gain unique effects. 

Here are some key features of the Simulated Universe update:

  • Rapid Planar Ornament procurement function: An all-new Planar Ornament Quick-Claim function will be available.
  • Divergent Universe rewards: Players can receive leveling materials and weekly points upon completing the Divergent Universe.
  • Restart Challenge: When Trailblazers select “Restart Challenge” in the Divergent Universe, they will restart the current battle.

There’s still quite some time before players can access these features. Watch out for official announcements to know when you can play Divergent Universe, Apocalyptic Shadow, and more.

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