Goosebumps season 2 Gets Cautious Update from Showrunners

Goosebumps producers offer an update on a season 2 renewal. The horror series has received positive reviews from critics and audiences since its debut on Hulu and Disney Plus. Moreover, it has garnered roughly 594 million viewing minutes across its first six episodes, according to Nielsen streaming data. 

During an interview with Decider after the Goosebumps season 1 finale, executive producers Nick Stoller, Rob Letterman, and Hilary Winston provide cautious updates about a potential renewal. 

Showrunner Winston says they want to celebrate the advent of the first installment and its finale. However, she also adds, “We all have our fingers and everything else crossed.” Read their quotes below:

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Hilary Winston: We have no idea at this point, and we’re just so happy that the finale is airing. Everybody’s gonna get to see this work. It’s one of those things where you’re like, “Let’s enjoy all of this hard work before we start talking about more hard work.” But we all have our fingers and everything else crossed.

Nicholas Stoller: Early on, since we’re making this for Disney+, we were like, “How far should we go with the horror?” And they said, “Let us tell you when you’ve gone too far.” So we went for it and made it as scary as we wanted it to be. Disney was really very supportive of it. But we also were staying true to the books. You know, the books aren’t like Saw. So, it would have been weird if we gone too far. We let the books guide us to what we wanted it to be.

Season 1 finale, titled “Welcome to Horrorland,” features the core group working to save the town of Port Lawrence from the nefarious plans of Kanduu, an evil magician possessing Slappy the Dummy. 

Kanduu is a psychopath who thinks that causing immense suffering is the solution to elevate all misery in the world. The villain plans to execute it by turning everyone in the town into dummies. 

Kanduu is eventually defeated, but that comes with a cost.

 Goosebumps season 2 Gets Cautious Update from Showrunners
Goosebumps | Source: IMDb

The finale ends with Isaiah saving Margot by taking Kunduu’s bullet. In return, Margot uses Kunduu’s dark magic in the end to resurrect Isiah, who would’ve likely died otherwise. 

Will it have any consequences? We think this might be the chink in the armor that’ll be explored deeply in season 2. 

Moreover, there’s also the fact that Mr. Bratt is seeing Kunduu in the mirror. So, the villain might not have disappeared. 

There’s also an emotional angle to be explored as Margot moves away from Lucas and toward Isaiah. Moreover, James and Isabella also have their own chemistry in tatters, which can be well explored in the next season. 

Whatever happens, we will surely get some heart-pumping action once the next season comes out!

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About Goosebumps

Goosebumps is an American supernatural comedy horror television series developed by Rob Letterman and Nicholas Stoller for Disney+ and Hulu. It is based on the book series of the same name by R. L. Stine.

The series abandons the adaptation format of the 1995 original TV series to focus on a serialized style of storytelling instead, while still featuring many of the existing Goosebumps monsters and items.


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