What happens to Clay Spencer in SEAL Team? Clay’s Fate Explained

The final season of SEAL Team goes into production next month, and things will not be the same because of the shocking death we witnessed in season 6, episode 8.

Clay Spencer’s death was shocking for viewers, given that he had to give up his life for a simple misunderstanding. His absence will gravely impact the show in its last season, although the creators have assured that Clay will always be a part of the show in one way or the other.

The initial rumors about Clay’s death began back in season 5, although they were proven false when Max Theriot confirmed that he would return for season 6. However, it was not long before he had to say his final goodbye.

Clay Spencer died in season 6, episode 8 of the series, titled “Aces and Eights”. He was shot by a security guard while saving Ben’s life in a heroic act.

1. What happens to Clay Spenser on SEAL Team?

Clay Spencer dies in SEAL Team season 6, episode 8, as a result of a tragic incident. A guard shoots him after he saves Ben’s life, in a tragic turn of events.

What happens to Clay Spencer in SEAL Team? Clay’s Fate Explained
Clay’s Death Scene | Source: IMDb

Clay intervenes to stop a highly distressed Ben from taking his own life and, in turn, destroying a recruitment center. He gets hold of Ben’s rifle and talks him out of committing suicide. However, he is shot by one of the guards who misinterprets his intentions after seeing him holding Ben’s gun.

Clay Spencer eventually succumbs to his wounds, but he dies a hero after having saved his friend’s life.

2. Will Clay Spencer return in season 7?

Clay Spencer will not return in SEAL Team season 7. The creators have confirmed that Clay died in season 6. The final season of SEAL Team will not feature Clay.

In an interview with TVInsider, showrunner Spencer Hudnut talked about Clay’s death and how it will affect season 7. Here’s what he said:

This is a show about war and its impact on the men and women who fight it and their families. But I think moving forward, we want to show hope. These guys have gone through so much. We want to highlight their victories. This was a very hard season, not just from a production standpoint but on the audience. And my hope is that maybe a Season 7 could be a little lighter, have a little more hope, and see our characters continue to work towards getting themselves into better places.”

One of the things that SEAL Team season 7 can explore is how Clay’s death affects his wife, Stella, and their son, Brian. Stella and Brian are expected to be a part of season 7, so it will be interesting to see how the other Navy SEALs help her out.

Since Clay was an integral part of SEAL Team, the final season of the show could also deal with the aftermath of his death and how his fellow Navy SEALS are coping with it.

3. Why did Max Theriot leave SEAL Team?

One of the main reasons why Clay Spencer was killed off in season 6 is because Max Theriot left SEAL Team. The actor joined the CBS series Fire Country in 2022 before SEAL Team was renewed for season 6. Theriot serves as an executive producer in the series and also plays the lead role.

Max Theriot quit SEAL Team because he wanted to focus on Fire Country. He was unable to shuffle his time between the two shows.

What happens to Clay Spencer in SEAL Team? Clay’s Fate Explained
Max Theriot | Source: IMDb

Spencer Hudnut, the showrunner of SEAL Team, mentioned that Theriot left the series as he was committed to Fire Country. As the latter is shot in Vancouver, it was difficult for Theriot to manage his time and shift between the two shows.

“We’re so early in the process. Because of the uncertainty around Max, we started the season with Clay losing his leg. Unfortunately, we killed Clay in the eighth episode. There was a dark cloud over the season in a lot of ways. Obviously, there’s always gonna be adversities, there’s always gonna be traumas.”

The showrunners decided to write off Clay’s character as Theriot could not commit to SEAL Team, and it was difficult to incorporate Clay in season 7, given his time management issues.

After Max Thieriot confirmed his return in SEAL Team season 6, he decided to quit the series right after and focus on Fire Country. Hence, Clay was killed in the series, as it would not be fair to viewers if a new actor was brought in to play Clay’s role in the final season of the show.

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4. About SEAL Team

SEAL Team follows Bravo Team, a special group of elite Navy SEALS who undertake dangerous and high-risk missions all across the world. The team is led by Jason Hayes.

SEAL Team premiered on CBS on September 27th, 2017. It stars David Boreanaz, Max Thieriot and Jessica Parè.

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