Mr & Mrs Smith Season 1 Finale: Did John and Jane Survive the Other Smiths?

The ending of Mr and Mrs Smith season 1 sees the pair involved in an apocalyptic fight. The episode begins when the Smiths realize their third mission has failed. Their boss, Hihi, orders Jane to kill John. 

Jane is reluctant to kill John, but after John apparently kills her cat, a fight breaks out. The couple end up having an epic firefight in their fancy home, while a museum meeting leads to a foot chase. 

John manages to stop Jane for enough time to inject both of them with the truth serum. This leads to the couple having their most honest conversation, where they realize they genuinely love each other, and that John never killed her cat. 

At this point, The “Extremely High-Risk” Smiths appear and say they’ve been hired to kill them. John and Jane escape to their safe room, but John is unable to escape the shot. Jane opens the safe room door and faces Mrs Smith, waiting to strike. 

1. Does John and Jane die in Mr and Mrs Smith?

The ending of Mr and Mrs Smith’s season 1 finale leaves John and Jane’s fate unexplained. John is heavily wounded by a gunshot when he reaches the safe room, while Jane steps out to face the “High-Risk” Smiths. The last shot features three gunshots, but we do not see John and Jane’s dead bodies. 

Mr & Mrs Smith Season 1 Finale: Did John and Jane Survive the Other Smiths?
Mr and Mrs Smith | Source: IMDb

The ending could be either a tragic one or an excellent tease for season 2. There are two possibilities: Jane may have killed Mrs Smith and saved John on time. However, this is unlikely, given that the High-Risk smiths are the best assassins in the world. It will not be that easy. 

In the second case, John may have died, and Jane could have survived after a difficult fight. It is unlikely that both died, but it is not impossible, especially if the series does not return for another season. Perhaps Jane partly blinded Mr Smith so he could be less of a problem. 

2. Who killed Jane’s pet cat, Max?

The series does not reveal who killed Jane’s cat, Max, but the High-Risk Mrs Smith is most likely to be the killer. While using the truth serum, Jane realizes that John did not kill Max. 

Mr & Mrs Smith Season 1 Finale: Did John and Jane Survive the Other Smiths?
Max | Source: IMDb

Throughout the series, the other Smiths try to get John and Jane to kill each other to get the hard work done for themselves. Killing Max is one of those ploys to turn Jane against John. 

3. Mr and Mrs Smith’s Mid-Credits Scene Explained 

The mid-credits scene occurs the next day when Harris, John, and Jane’s neighbor visit to drop off a book. He intends to give John a copy of The Prophet, Jane’s favorite book. However, when Harris peeks inside, he sees the destroyed house. 

Harris then calls and informs someone that his neighbors are ready to sell their expensive house. Throughout the series, we see Harris spying on John and Jane to confuse viewers into thinking he is a villain. 

However, midway through the season it is revealed that he is a real estate agent. He is obsessed with the couple’s luxurious home and is shocked to know how two software engineers could afford two historical brownstones. 

In the mid-credit scene, Harris is excited to see their house destroyed because it allows him to sell it. 

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4. About Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is an upcoming American spy comedy television series created by Francesca Sloane and Donald Glover, based on the 2005 film, that is set to premiere on February 2, 2024.

It stars Glover and Maya Erskine.

Two spies are paired up together to impersonate a married couple as John and Jane Smith.

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