Black Bulls Squad Magic

Black Bulls is one of the nine squads of the magic knights and is known for its destructive behaviour and has been regarded as the worst squad of the organization. But deep down we all know it is the favourite and best squad of all, with no caste divisions but one ideal in mind — Justice of Clover Kingdom. Black Bulls, led by Yami Sukehiro, is home to one of the strongest magic knights of Clover Kingdom. This list of Black Bulls squad magic is comprised of “NO MAJOR SPOILERS” so you can see it without a worry.

1. Captain Yami Sukehiro‘s Magic

yami sukheiro, strong anime charcters
Dark Magic User

Finally, we have the captain of black bulls Yami who uses a very rare form of magic, i.e., dark magic which lets him generate and manipulate darkness. He primarily uses this by channelling it into his katana. An interesting fact that the Dark magic can draw other forms of magic, especially light magic and absorb it into the darkness.

2. Finral Roulcase

Spatial Magic User

Finral is a nobleman of house Vaude(let’s ignore the fact that he is a womanizer of some sort and is easily distracted by women), but even though he’s supposed to be the next head of the house, he has well less than stellar abilities compared to his better younger brother. But regardless he can use spacial magic which is incredibly rare and can manipulate even space. However, he can only open portals, and that’s kind of it for now.

3. Gauche Adlai

Mirror Magic User

Next up is Gauche who’s kind of sick with an obsession of protecting his younger sister. But hey anyway he uses Mirror magic which lets him cast a spell using a mirror-like reflecting spell or creating a mirror that copies something which turns out to be very handy at times. He is also revealed to be an incarnated elf with a strong magic stone in his left eye which he mostly hides with his long hairs.

4. Gordon Agrippa

gordon agrippa, black bulls
Poison Magic User

Gordon is yet another insanely strong member of Black Bulls. Up until a few weeks back, we knew nothing about just how strong he is, except the fact that he was feared during the Magic Knights Selection exam. Gordon is a poison magic-user. Due to his compassion for human life, he tends to hold off his magic against his opponents. While fighting against Rades’ walking corpses, he went all out and shown us his real battle prowess. His magic uses elements and mana to form strong poison that can quickly destroy away skins and shields.

5. Vanessa Enoteca

witch, magic user
Thread Magic User

Next is Vanessa, who uses thread magic which lets her generate and manipulate thread which is very tight and hard to detect and can very easily restrict a mid-level, Magic Knight. But it’s useless against someone as powerful as a captain, and even though her threads are very versatile, she also has access to the red thread of fate which is overpowered.

6. Charmy Pappitson

Cotton Magic User

Next, we have Charmy who uses cotton magic, which lets her generate and manipulate cotton, and she could use it for various things — for example creating a floating platform which was large enough to carry most of the squad. She can probably generate various entities from cotton-like huge sheep. (Somewhat very powerful)

7. Magna Swing

Flame Magic User

Up next, we have Magna swing which uses his magic to generate and manipulate fire, But in a more unconventional way. Since he primarily uses his magic to throw fireballs at his opponents. He can also create objects of light, for example, restraints and even a baseball bat.

8. Luck Voltia

Lightning Magic-User

Next is Luck who has rather pure magic but badass, and is the lighting user of black bulls and he’s pretty cool. Of course, being able to use lightning, but he can also create different things that help during combat like boots that enhance speed, the gauntlets, and so on.

9. Grey

Transformation Magic User

Grey is another strong member of Black Bulls with yet another out-of-the-box magic. When Grey’s powers were revealed, it was shown that she is a user of Transformation Magic. That is, she can transform herself into any other person copying their skills and magic with her mana reserves. What seemed to be simple not-so-strong magic turned out to be quite rare. In the recent episode, it is revealed that Grey can transform other things elemental form as well, by purely using her mana. Talk about overpowered!

10. Asta

Anti-magic User

Asta possesses the black grimoire, and he can use two demon sword. First, he has a demon slayer sword which is a sword that can cut Spells with its edges and can the deflect the spells. And the second sword is the demon dweller sword which can also cut magic spells. But its main power is that it can borrow the magic from his comrades. It is, therefore, increasing the range of his attacks. And Asta is the only one that can wield the sword because he has no mana. Other Amigos will not be able to use any magic while in contact with the swords and would have their mana reserves wholly depleted.

11. Noelle Silva

Water Magic User

Next, we have Noelle Silva who is the second daughter of the clover kingdom’s ruling family “Silva”. And you might be wondering what the fuck is she doing in the black bull. Well even though she has a considerable amount of magic power, she’s unable to control it, and so she’s not that great of a magic Knight. However, as she progressed and got a wand that helped her to control her magic power of some sort, now she can channel and focus and more accurately to the point where she created a giant f***ing water dragon that made the whole underwater Temple room tremor.

Latest Members:

12. Zora Ideale

ASh Magic User

Zora Ideale is a new member of the Black Bulls. He is a user of Ash Magic, since he joined recently not much of his powers are known to us. We also know that he is very proficient in using Trap Magic and can track and setup from simplest to most complicated traps. His ash magic is quite handy as it can both create and attack from ash at will.

13. Henry Legolant

Recombination Magic User

Henry Legolant is the latest member yet the oldest one. Surprised, right? Henry, a nobleman since birth, had a disease which required him taking mana from others or he will die. He lives in a worn-out a place made of bricks and stones which is now Black Bulls headquarters. He was found and recruited to the team by Captain Yami Sukehiro, which saved his life as well. He is a mighty user of Recombination Magic. His prowess is shown in his fight against Rades and Sally when he reconstructs the Black Bulls base into a giant fighting bull. He easily defeated Rades’ strongest corpse, Michael Caesar and was successful in holding off the attack of The Eye of Midnights Sun along with Gauche, Gordon and Grey.

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