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Baki Part 3 (Season 2) Ending, Baki vs Yujiro – Explained!

The recent episode left many followers of the series disappointed. The showdown they were waiting for since the start of the series, was teased but never shown. The Great Raitai Tournament Saga finally ended after showing powerful fights, revealing a possible greater enemy, and setting up a Grand Finale for the next season.

1. Quick answer

The recent episode concluded the series on a cliffhanger. After ruthlessly defeating Muhammad Alai Jr., Baki is finally acknowledged by his father, Yujiro. The latter accepted his fight and decided to stop him.

However, the anticipated fight between this father and son duo is never shown. Instead, the series shows a sequence of events that hints towards a much more powerful enemy.

Baki Part 3 (Season 2) Ending Explained!

It shows a detective investigating the case of the convict’s recent power-up, remarking that they’re preparing something. The last time the convicts were this synchronized was when they were heading towards Tokyo.

2. Baki vs Yujiro

The son of the show’s fictionalized Muhammad Ali wants nothing but to defeat Baki in battle, and take Kozue Matsumoto as his wife. To do this, however, he believes he must be the best fighter the world has ever seen.

Despite battling through severe injury, and even fighting his father, Muhammad Alai Jr. faces Baki in the ring. The fight takes moments, and he comes up short as Baki is victorious. Losing despite being at his best, Muhammad breaks down due to shame and is consoled by Kozue.

Considering Baki’s prowess in the Great Raitai Tournament and the way Baki defeated Muhammad, Yujiro believes Baki is ultimately worthy of being stopped. This sends ripples via the preventing world, as we see a montage of individuals reacting to the fight’s information.

Baki Part 3 (Season 2) Ending Explained!
Baki Vs Yujiro

Then when Baki announces that he has no desire to be the strongest on Earth, we are reminded of what he said in a previous episode: if his father were the weakest creature on Earth, he’d be happy being the second weakest.

This makes us realize that Baki does not care about being the strongest, all he wants is to simply show himself stronger than his father.

The followers of the series have extremely anticipated the fight between father and son. Yet when it came to the season finale, the story shifts away from the battle.

It seems that the showdown between the Hanma’s will be waiting for us in the next season.

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3. The convicts’ Power-Up

The Death Row Inmates featured in the ‘Baki: Most Evil Death Row Convicts Special Anime’ special are all shown to be undergoing extreme training. Each of them has been enhancing their abilities in gruesome and deadly ways.

The detective who is investigating the case, remarks that it seems like they’re preparing for something. The last time the convicts were this synchronized was when they were heading towards Tokyo.

Baki Part 3 (Season 2) Ending Explained!

With the dangerous powers of the Death Row Inmates significantly increased, even Baki’s newfound strength might not be sufficient to face them on his own.

More importantly, if they’re preparing themselves for something, then there might just be an even more deadly enemy about to make their appearance when the series returns in the next season.

4. The tournament

Clearly meant to determine the strongest man in the world, the last winner of the Chinese Great Raitai Tournament, Kaku believes that the non-Chinese contestants are corrupting what it means to be a Sea King.

Kaku brings his own son and his friend into the tournament to form a five-person all-Chinese team, who pit themselves against Baki Hamna, Yujiro Hamna, and three others, in order to show China’s superiority in martial arts.

Unfortunately for them, each member of the Chinese team is easily beaten.

Baki Part 3 (Season 2) Ending Explained!

In the final match, however, Yujiro declares the previous three matches void and says that the tournament would be decided by the battle between him and Kaku.

Despite his advanced age, Kaku holds his own, using more than a hundred years’ worth of martial arts training to hold his own against the man also known as Ogre.

It starts to look like brute strength is about to win over martial arts training until Kaku uses his techniques to stop his heartbeat, and get himself declared legally dead on the battlefield. However, he comes back to life as soon as Yujiro is off the field.

This presumably counts as a draw as a death in the middle of any tournament means that there are no winners or losers. Kaku successfully kept his title even if he had to ‘die’ to do it.

5. Grand finale

The grand finale that all the followers of the series wanted to watch, however, was the match between Baki and Yujiro. The showdown between this father-son duo was very much anticipated. Unfortunately, the episode ended and the fight was never shown.

It is presumed that the next season of this series will pick up with this battle. Until then, we can only wait.

6. About Baki

Baki is adjusted from the manga, Baki The Grappler, and it’s a well-known manga arrangement in Japan since it made its presentation. It’s very famous among battling aficionados.

Baki Part 3 (Season 2) Ending Explained!

The establishment has been extraordinarily well known for nearly three decades since its introduction in 1991. The show showed up on Netflix Japan first in June 2018 and was later trailed by a worldwide release in December 2018.

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